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Rifugio Savoia 2.534 m.s.l.m. - Colle del Nivolet, Valsavarenche


  • Punta Basey (3.338 mt.)¬†
  • Mont Taou Blanc (3.438 mt.)
  • Gran Vaudala (3.272 mt.)
  • Gran Violetta (3.031 mt.)
  • Cima dell'Arolley o di Seiva (3.075 mt.)¬†
  • Punta Four√† (3.411 mt.)


  • Laghi Rosset¬†
  • Plan Borgno¬†
  • Pian del nivolet (2.532 mt.)¬†
  • Rifugio Citt√† di Chivasso (2.604 mt.)


  • Col Rosset (3.023 mt.) - Rifugio Benevolo (2.285 mt.)
  • Col della Nivoletta (3.130 mt.) - Rifugio Benevolo (2.285 mt.)
  • Col Leynir (3.084 mt.) - Rifugio Benevolo (2.285 mt.)
  • Colli della Terra (2.911 mt.) e Colli della Porta (3.002 mt.) - Bivacco Giraudo
  • Col di Punta Four√† (3.124 mt.) - Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele II (2.735 mt.)

Refuge Savoia - details

Cartello davanti al Rifugio Savoia

Zone: Alpi Occidentali
               Alpi Graie 
Group: Gran Paradiso
Region: Valle d'Aosta  Location: Laghi del Nivolet
Municipality: Valsavarenche Satellite Navigation:
Posizione latitudine e longitudineWgs: 45.485808 Lat.
             7.143454 Lon.
Posizione latitudine e longitudineGps: 45¬į29'08'' N
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 7¬į08'36'' E
Opening: from mid-June 15 to 
                         early September 
Capacity: 50 beds with 13
                 rooms, 10 bathrooms

Located right next to Lake Nivolet lower the Rifugio Savoia was an old stable block, the King of Italy. The refuge is managed by the family of Angela Dayné of Villeneuve.

For overnight at the refuge is required that sleeping sheet or sleeping bag.

Even during the period when the traffic is regulated by the Customers of Savoia Refuge can get there in the car, he is in possession of the booking confirmation signed by the manager of the refuge.

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