Does the refined flour  of  soft wheat really hurt? A company considered the highest expression in terms of quality in the cultivation of durum wheat in the Marche. In several interviews, including this video taken from an episode of the 2009 Report, explains his position on anti-cancer nutrition. Semolina is a type of flour that is especially suited for pasta. “1” flour is a wheat flour with larger particles and a coarse texture, whereas 00 flour is a much finer powder. Semolina is obtained from the ginding of the durum wheat. Semolina – a coarse grind of high-protein durum wheat – gives nutty, sweet flavor and striking pale yellow color to breads, pizzas, and pasta. These two types of wheat are very different from each other, you can see the difference with the naked eye: Another difference is that related to the size of the grains that changes between semolina (durum wheat) and flour (soft wheat). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 09.00 - 13.00 You can use the dough to make any pasta you desire, such as farfalle, tagliatelle, or ravioli, using either a pasta … In fact it is more easily cultivated even abroad (where the regulations that regulate pesticides are much more elastic of the Italian ones). But the starch, so the sugar, of the wheat flour is very different from that of durum wheat. Another advantage of the semolina is the superior satiating power, very useful for those who want to follow a diet. Attention to raw materials and a healthy diet are our top priorities when we produce Pasta Santoni. Italians classify different types of flour based on how well they have been ground. Antimo Caputo Chefs Flour 2.2 LB (Pack of 2) - Italian Double Zero 00 - Soft Wheat for Pizza Dough, B… Here the poison that 90% of consumers don’t know to eat: The soft wheat flour 00. 15.00 - 18.30, Via Roma, 46 These substances have shown a certain degree of protection against some cancers, especially the colon cancer. Continuando la navigazione nel sito, scorrendo la pagina, o cliccando su "OK", acconsenti al loro impiego in conformità alla nostra Cookie Policy. Is more granular than the soft wheat flour that is instead very fine. semolina flour. COD.FISC: BVLLRD90S20E783P But what remains, the result of these refining processes is a flour of inferior quality compared to that of durum wheat. This versatile flour is ideal for making dried pastas, couscous, or Italian-style breads. The durum wheat semolina, compared to flours obtained from soft wheat, The typical yellow color of durum wheat detects the presence of, The products made with durum wheat semolina have, These substances have shown a certain degree of, Has a lower glycemic index than flours produced from soft wheat, Helps to prevent diabetes, high cholesterol and tumors. Strong changes that not only increase hunger after a short time, but put you at risk for diabetes type 2, just because, to simplify, they behave like simple sugars. Concretely, it allows to avoid blood sugar pikes and the subsequent sharp drops (typical of soft wheat flour 00), very dangerous for the prevention of diabetes type 2. I would like to tell you nothing, it would be better. The most common, and also the most refined are the flour 0 and the flour 00. Is more granular than the soft wheat flour that is instead very fine. Not just for Italian restaurants, semolina flour … We have large, medium, small semolina and re-milled semolina, names that indicate the size of the granules of the given type of semolina. To adapt it to fast doughs and industrial preparations for large volume, almost all the components that our body needs are removed. Extra-fine 00 Flour Ideal for desserts, sauces, bread, pizza and crêpes 1000g: WHY CHOOSE ME: DESSERTS Because it is excellent for products with a long rising time, such as brioches, panettone and other baked goods. This flour is perfect making fresh and homemade pasta. Create authentic pasta dishes in your Italian restaurant or pizzeria with this 50 lb. What remains? Just for nothing, expecially in terms of health effects. All this ensures the body a gradual release of energy over time. The typical yellow color of durum wheat detects the presence of carotenoids (lutein and beta-carotene) antioxidant substances particularly beneficial in fighting cellular aging. The constant calibration of the grains in this original anti-caking flour makes it suitable for all professional and home cooking uses. This is a recipe for traditional Italian pasta dough made with durum wheat semolina flour. For “Semola” we mean the flour made from “durum wheat”, Whit the generic term “flour​ ” commonly means soft wheat flour .​. This guarantees us an “ad hoc” semolina for our production that has within it unique organoleptic and nutritional properties: Thanks to our excellent raw materials we create a different pasta from all the others. “00 flour is the biggest poison of our diet”​, says the Professor. The semolina has a particular characteristic: it has a lower glycemic index thanks to the presence of complex carbohydrates and thanks to the fact that the semolina maintains more the structure of the grain. To begin with you must know that soft wheat flour is a very fine powder, which is sifted, filtered, refined and processed to become that way. Semolina and flour, what changes for your health? This leads to high and rapid glucose peaks and consequent rapid fallout. We use semolina flour in our … It has a light yellow color, certainly not the white one of refined flour. To ensure an excellent quality semolina we have a cultivating partnership with the, Durum wheat is elongated, translucent and “durum”, indeed, Soft wheat is roundish, opaque and “friable”, so soft. This very thin white powder loses all its good nutritional properties in these processes. We have large, medium, small semolina and re-milled semolina, names that indicate the size of the granules of the given type of semolina. Professor Franco Berrino, We have the duty to work only durum wheat semolina, but we also wanted to use the best semolina in the world: the Italian durum wheat. Always attentive and respectful of the principles of good agricultural practice.

00 semolina flour

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