Hardly any other material can be disposed of in such an eco-friendly fashion and be as easilyreused and turned into new products. Timber structures can last hundreds of years and are less expensive and easy to maintain than other materials. You will immediately notice the difference! Just give it a try and lean against a wooden wall first, then go and lean against a wall made of brick or concrete. The situation with earthquakes in Italy during the last couple of years has proven that timber constructions are safe. The various uses of timber are. Wood is made up of air-filled cells, which reduce thermal conductivity. When using timber to build off-site construction of new homes, there is a high degree of flexibility. ‘Wood’ is often used to describe the furniture and other non-structural items. It has evolved in over the ages from natural material to a modern industrial and engineering material. : IT00647870211, Customised planning tailored to the needs and wishes of architects and engineers. It has uniform colour. To know more details about preservation of Timber, Read – What is the Preservation of Timber? Properties of Timber as a Building Material, Precautions While Installing Wooden Doors and Windows, Advantages & Disadvantages of Timber as a building Material, 7 Tips to Remove Colored Stain from Wooden Furniture. Mentioned below are the four stages involved in timber processing. Timber is classified as a renewable material, as the principle holds that if a tree is felled another is planted in its place. It can be easily cut and converted to any size and shape. Timber can be easily shaped and modified. It is capable of taking loads slowly or suddenly. Its light colour usually indicates timber with low strength. Timber walls can also be plastered, and wood can be combined with other materials. This is something crucial which one must take into consideration while understanding the nature of wood. It has good strength and hence used for making load-bearing members like beams, columns, trusses and piles. The anatomy of hardwood is more varied and complicated than softwood with thicker cell walls making primary tissue for strength. Approximately 75% of North American forests contain softwoods. Timber is categorized amongst the world’s most eco-friendly building solution. Timber can be easily connected using nails, screws, dowels, bolts and connectors. And a wood home can be altered and redecorated time and again over the course of the years. Remaining waste can be recycled. Laminated timber (for example Scandinavian Grade L40) has a greater strength/weight ratio than either aluminium or steel. Rubner Group Timber construction The advantages of timber construction Building with timber is safe. Seasoning of Timber: Basic Info | Objectives | Pros & Cons! Relatively recent developments in processing and technologies have provided products of timber for a wide range of application. Wood has been used for thousands of years by we humans. The essential facts to be remembered in connection with felling of trees are age of trees for felling, Method of felling and season for felling. Rubner Group Timber is obtained from two broad categories of trees: These trees are further classified as softwood and hardwood. Timber is light in weight and easy to handle in manufacture, transport and construction. The word ‘Timber’ is used to describe structural products of wood, while in North America; the word ‘Lumber’ is used. It is readily available, and can be easily sourced from many building material suppliers all over Australia. In case of an earthquake,wood is at an advantage compared to other construction material, because it is relatively low-weight and not rigid but flexible, giving it the capacity to stretch and resist. It ages naturally and is not degraded into toxic product that damages the environment. According to ‘David Blockley’ (Author of New Dictionary of Civil Engineering), Timber is a wood, which is prepared for building and carpentry use. If not readily available, it proves to be costly. Wood creates warmth. The objectives of preservation of timber are. We use cookies to ensure a pleasant experience for you. It is safe to handle and even as it ages, it will not cause damage to the environment. Our customers receive a quote with a fixed price including all services offered by Rubner. This means that a building will stay nice and cool on the inside in summer, because the heat cannot get through the walls. The longevity of timber can be considerably increased by treating it with certain chemicals grouped together as preservatives before use. Safe in terms of energy efficiency. It is safe to reuse or … As long as this balance is maintained, the supply will be sustainable. Different Types of Defects in Timber as a Building Material! A timber frame structure can be cladded in any external material usually timber panels, bricks or stone. To get Timber, the trees are cut down or they naturally fall on the ground. In fact, some hardwoods are found to be softer and lighter than softwoods. Wood comes from trees. By continuing browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Timber also benefits from its natural growth characteristics. But it is exactly this property that allows for perfect thermal insulation during summer and wintertime. Examples of softwood trees are Chir, Deodar, Fir, Kali. As a result, wood comes with natural thermal insulation properties. Since it comes from a natural source, timber is non-toxic. It is important to remember that no construction material is perfect, and that is why a number of different ones are often used for each project. Safe when it comes to keeping deadlines. There are various stages involved in the preparation of Timber from the trees. Different experts have defined wood in their own way. Some examples are plywood, fiberboards, chipboards, compressed wood, impregnated wood etc. All these properties support our well-being. That is why wood is the construction material of choice in earthquake-prone regions. People have built homes and structures from wood for thousands of years, up in the mountains, by the seaside, in large cities, and out in the countryside. The process of cutting and sawing timber into suitable sections is known as the conversion of timber. This process is carried out in timber yard with appropriate machinery at different stages. Wood absorbs or releases moisture as required, and the interior climate in a wood home will be pleasant both in hot summer and on a bitterly cold winter day. – Know More About it! The well-known timber-frame buildings known as Fachwerk style have been around for more than 300 years now, just like old farms that have seen many generations come and go. Also, under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, adhesives may be used to connect the timber element. When building a home today, you should also think of the generations of tomorrow. 5 Best and Exclusive Styles to Decorate Your Home Bar! They are considered less decorative and are typically less prone to moisture movement. Preservation of timber means protecting from fungi and insects attack so that the life of timber is increased.

advantages of timber over other construction materials

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