• Trellis security doors • Burglar Guards • Roller Shutter Doors • Installation and automation of roll-up garage doors. A variety of materials, price ranges and style options means you can own the quality Pella window or door you want — without paying for features you... More innovative features that matter every day. Whichever you choose, your new entry door from Pella will look great in your home — and fit right into your busy life. Premium steel... A H E L P F U L G U I D E TO W I N D O W A N D D O O R S T Y L E S Pella has the view for you. INSTALLATION An Industry Guide to the Correct Installation of Residential Windows and Doors. �V¯� When Origin Aluminium started in 2005, the company needed a name that not only was unique, but also one that embodied the history and commitment entrenched within the people that work here. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. And your life. • Aluminium windows and doors. Download a copy of the latest Trade Counters Catalogue. h��Xmk�F�+�X��}W�Ӑ���BiJ?�s�-puF'��;���e�wz�#V�W�4��̳�8'�0A����a So how do you know which one is just your type? Pella® windows and doors do more than merely frame your landscape. Handles. Overview Origin Aluminium, founded in 2005, is a national producer of Aluminium and Glass architectural products. • Built in braais and fireplaces. 182 0 obj <>stream Unlike other window companies, Pella doesn’t believe that “one material fits all.” After all, windows and patio doors are too important not to have a real choice. Aluminium Window System 114. Kenzo aluminium doors and windows; Hydro garage doors and digi-automation. Fully welded sashes and frames that are strong and extra durable. Pella has been focused on bringing homeowners beautiful, innovative and energy-efficient windows and doors since 1925.... W I N D O W A N D PAT I O D O O R M AT E R I A L T Y P E S Three material choices mean Pella has the right one for you. The Aluminum Clad Collection is wide-ranging and includes a full line of windows, patio doors and a multitude of options. Easy operation. NCC 2019 Window Flashing. Casement Windows Awning Windows Double- and Single-Hung Windows Nothing between you and your view. Wood offers the superior strength and design flexibility needed to create entry doors in unique... Wood-grain fiberglass doors enhance your home with a rich, realistic wood appearance. Special Shape Windows Combination Windows and Doors Custom Windows and Doors Virtually endless design possibilities. Special Shape Windows Combination Windows and Doors Custom Windows and Doors Virtually endless design possibilities. Pella offers more window, patio door and entry door choices than any other brand. • Concrete lintels and airbricks. ���n�iAi���/a�w�±A�g/��Ç��r������i�8~��DZ�l>}o��1�i�c��X�.�9 ��J�ZL���ҩ����qO��nl����f1�p�X������v��\^�+����-gw��6\�8hz�錣���5_��dz�b��{/�{/��W�2;��o�����vQj�`�T~����Aű�s~_���ٲ��������f�ޯ���ŷvz����?��Waȓ[~C�����'��3"���8���@4����X(��ݵ�o���&G�e!��y�#�$00{$���Ho�o@����_�� �8V�c������nxo^}���Rr�L �&S�u/�����t�.,�rv=��䡬l�͒�YP.�i���$���myNO�����Д�X(��`!B1xQm�^d���ɼ��+�Й����A#�s��FO҆��gR�J�g��~�%9�� �����N�c緓��t^$s���ɂܐ v}*Ȃ�cUE_���U��r2P�"�r2P%�b�]�r2P��{_:ގGw�"��]4f�h����v���~�)m�L^���=9��/�{'(��5eU���J�e���J�H� R� Aluminium Sliding System 39 PD.NI. Recognized window and door experts for more than 85 years. Join our Mailing List. Mix and match. Here’s an overview of each material’s unique advantages. 8.1.2 Door Sills In general, door openings should be handled in the same way at the head and jambs as are windows. that reflects your... *Prices are pre-tax. Full Name Pella’s exclusive multistep stain process adds dimension and luster — with richer wood tones than other comparable fiberglass entry doors. operating styles. Sashes slide open More than just windows. Lower U-values indicate higher levels of insulation. More choices mean Pella can fit your style and budget. Each window and door has its own personality. Our entry doors are available in three material types — wood, fiberglass or steel — each offering its own unique benefits and distinctive style. ����d��� E�����O�����N{ !3�T The well-known Col brand, which includes PAR timber, manufactured pine products and two moulding ranges.

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