Age at sexual maturity is 155-160 days and feed. Backyard poultry farming is popular in the country due its economic, employment and nutritional In spite of its huge contribution to rural livelihood not much interest has been poultry farming on extension and communication behaviour of the tribal farmers which is an important factor for scaling up of backyard poultry farming in rural areas. endstream endobj startxref Backyard poultry farming: A source of livelihood and food security in rural India Neetu Sonkar, Nishma Singh, AK Santra, Lok Prakash Verma and Anupam Soni Abstract Backyard poultry farming is a traditional system of rearing poultry with small flock size of native birds by farmers to meet their dietary or small cash needs. enable quick ight and to ght predators; attractive plumage; suitable for backyard, wattle and tongue have a purplish hue; most, Good layer among native birds; brown matte, produce 140-170 eggs in a laying year unde, males and 1.5-2.0 kg in females. 4V/���=���eY 6͎uj�;/�+��3��EUI��g��3��-��+�ҭ)1+g�(����4CY���K���Bgvs?�n�U ;7���e��y���m6��>U"��p��4�H�d����jn�G53oF����T�g�s�?�)m$� �6�ߺy5�b�*����z�p�cy�T�Ӊ�� v�X���� ������3�;��3d2�?��T�UJ�V��n�!�X:5I��������8P.r:�*:�,@��`�r��r�*�� h޴�}O�8ƿ���gW'xl�IiU�/���h�ۭ��I�6�i�M\���8.,p���� ��g��q~&!Og��LAV0��d2N�Lɘ�b�Ȇ,�1�[!5b&T�y����M%L 5$gR��w�w����״�xN?��3��+�r�j���2�`*Ix�ncP��nt��:�K�(3���L�� {���͌���� Ff�+m����/��W�in㤠�=>�T�L����X*Zq7�A�)خ����)��Jgń�S6E�B�o׆I] ��ba(���R�O��o���(�"�Q��K�%�'�����9���k��1�e��9z����t;srz�Ff����XןHZ�հwc�GV[�T7~�����/�o���U��G�SSX�D=�>0�biY,zK]��}��衏=���7��#P28�)�0���%4tmM���WH��9UZ�V34�1�,��]/M��r�P��(�nk�M�rt6+g�P�6��Qg7��:5��KzCa����_p�[|�WS���ܑRa��E��P��7��f��"W�i39Ы,�}�026�� �ư�1��[��rC�'I����������;:��1y�tg��эlel�D�,f� ����m�9ǡ�y�v�En��Z���{��uZ��*[۲��c�Vs��e'y)����Y�)��?Ȫں�N�kn4��#��Io��ʺ�\v���(�a����Y�R3��'R9d��_F��{* PDF | A Guide to Backyard Poultry Farming for Sustainable Livelihoods | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Dr Vidyasagar, Dr Prakashkumar Rathod, Dr D Dilipkumar and Dr Prashant Waghmare discuss efforts made by Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Bidar, Karnataka, to address the challenges and support farmers. ���-��� �r#�b�ChU��r(C�B��8,�$��3��V�=�Ƌ �987�20�`�(�`oa��f�v��>�|.U�8�G����|xW���x������\ß�����V��I�I����Si^�+�]�5��3j0�����%���i7[ cS [�$� ���|�� ��� �}�h���]�(�, �� b���` �:s� h�bbd``b`��Ӏ/�`q�ˀ�/�� $�� ��/�W�W��$��A�5 H�� ��0��H�t2012�Y�d��� �MO © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Family poultry was additionally clarified as “small flocks managed by individual farm families in order to obtain food security, income and gainful employment for women and children” (Branckaert, as cited in Sonaiya, 1990c). Feed conversion ratio, • Brooding care of chicks ensures constant body, provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. in the fenced area or in the shelter itself. A baseline survey of 90 backyard poultry-keepers provided a general overview of socio-economic factors, practices and constraints. For any claricaon, please c, Department of Agriculture, Government of India and ICRISA, Contents page and back cover (inside) phot, Source: Sudhir Naik, Veterinary College, Bengaluru, K. The author acknowledges the valuable inputs of: • Dr Sariput Landge, Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, • Drs Anant Rao Desai, Siddalingswamy Hiremath and Sudhir Naik, Karnatak, Indigenous (native/desi) backyard poultry, Limitations of indigenous backyard poultry, Improved backyard poultry for egg production, Management of improved varieties of backyard poultry, Brooding/nursery management (up to 6 weeks), Information sources for scientic backyard poultry, Backyard or homestead poultry farming is c, among rural and landless families in India and is a, low investment and yields high economic r, and can be easily managed by women, children, inexpensive and rich source of protein and ener, hatching of chicks, low producvity of birds, sc, India aims to produce 106 billion eggs and r, tons with a PCA of 3.21 kg/annum by 2020 agains, 3.30 million tonnes of meat and PCA of 2.22 kg, less/Seeking%20Comments%20on%20Naonal%20, Acon%20Plan-%20Poultry-%202022%20by%2012-12-, While a majority of rural folk in India are well v, with tradional livestock rearing including tha, livelihoods from regular income, food security and, nutrion. 2% addives (vitamin and mineral mixture). (KVAFSU) with ICAR support. h�b```��l�G�@��(�����|�C@�D�C ���" Backyard birds scavenge or can thrive on leftover cereals, requiring no supplements and hence inexpensive, Backyard poultry need negligible veternary inputs, with the, exception of vaccination for New Castle Disease. Private indus, involved in developing and promong indig, and improved poultry breeds can provide r, ICRISAT works in agricultural research for development across the drylands of Africa and Asia, making farming. This brochure focuses on rural poultry, producon, which includes backyard rearing of desi/, Housing for backyard poultry can be made with local. Feeding with, millet, broken rice with equal parts of polished, • A handful of grains or kitchen waste in the, morning and evening can be given to supplement, • The scavenging feed base is very important for, • Supplemental calcium sources like limestone. Doubling Farmers Income (DFI) in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh, International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics, Livestock Service Delivery by Dairy Cooperatives, Sustainable Livelihood Promotion through Agricultural Development in the Hills of South Asia, Urban and peri-urban agriculture in Cameroon: current status and perspectives for development, Sustainable livelihood promotion through agricultural development in the hills of South Asia. All the calculations in this PDF are automatic like excel. Access to fresh, clean and cool water at all mes of, Collect ferle eggs from the nest regularly and store, Place 10-12 eggs under a brooding hen within two, While debeaking is discouraged in rural poultry, Aer the rst deworming, repeat at three-week, Provide extra water only when all the medicated, Strictly follow the instrucons of veterinarians and, Avoid rearing dierent species of poultry together, Recording expenses, producon and sales provides, Record keeping of egg producon also helps, Informaon on vaccinaon and deworming may. ?��1�T�&g4����!� �x�E�C��Cs��p�w_?�����pq��v�\�{�}��mq~�.��w6���I���%:�m�Ҳ�>�>�W���������Ɲ�p�W�O|K���oϣ���O��O�P�ً��. Tag: poultry farming pdf. Subscribe to Get Posts in E-Mail. Project report to start backyard poultry farming Dear Sir, Solar Energy becoming an integral part of our life. 1.2 The farm shall not be located at least 100 meters from any major water drinking source and 500 meters from any other livestock / poultry farm All rights reserved. Ensure proper disposal of dead, producon. chick guard made of cardboard sheet, GI sheet, household depending on the area and natural. of birds you want.

backyard poultry farming pdf

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