The best overall knife is the Benchmade Bugout 535 due to its attractive, light and functional design which keeps outdoor adventures and hikers in mind. Search . We are aware of the B and C category Damascus steel knives that many other outlets sell on the internet. Sword of Northshire Hand-Forged Folded Damascus Steel Samurai Katana: The Sword of Northshire Hand-Forged Folded Damascus Steel Samurai Katana features a 28.7-inch blade, a hardwood saya (Japanese scabbard), buffalo horn koiguchi (mouth of the saya), copper fittings with a decorative tiger theme, a tsuka (handle) wrapped in silk and rayskin, a full tang, and an included sword bag. The sleek design fits in with any kitchen decor and there are several colors to choose from. The knife is forged into a beautiful leaf design. We faced all kind of problems that may occur to a knife and periodical sharpening of those knives was consuming too much of our time. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. YoYoKnives is a joint venture of two entrepreneurial friends and a few blacksmiths of distinction who believe that there is a knife for every one – it’s just people take time to identify their blade-mate. All our knives are handmade and Matchless designed with sharp Damascus Steel blade. It’s a classy knife that I’ve been complimented on several times when carrying it. These knives are built to last and work effortlessly. Incredible hand grip with excellent balanced. At YoyoKnives you can buy a Damascus steel knife with 100% assurance of blade’s quality and durability. Call Us Now +1 909-833-3325. or Chat Online. While they looked exactly like Damascus steel knives, their blades did not last much longer. Made from the best materials and ergonomic in design, the knife is both easy to carry and use. “I’m a senior chef in a local restaurant and from baking knives to kitchen knives, we spend our day between different types of knives and other such tools. My job requires me to select not only the junior chefs, but also keep a log of the equipment and order new equipment such as cutlery and knives etc. Hello! I recommend YoYoKnives.” – Jenifer Burns. It is needless to say that I’m a happy customer.” – Noah Adamson, “I’m an avid fan of Damascus steel knives – got it from my father who collected them in his youth. My Account. The blade is made to retain its sharpness and its edge, as well as resists corrosion. Get instant updates whenever we add a new knife design to your favorite category of knives … Damascus knife, pocket knife, hunting knife … list is long …. Unfortunately, the quality of those knives is not as appealing as their looks are. 15, a unique material produced in Japan. With a state of the art knives manufacturing facility and 5+ years of selling all sorts of knives for different kind of purposes, YoYoKnives knows how to satisfy your insatiable desire for real Damascus steel knives, hunting knives and kitchen knives. The Baby Blue Custom Damascus Handmade Folding Knife from Knife King features a 3.5-inch blade, a four-inch handle, a leather sheath, and over 200 layers of steel. 10% OFF $200* Use Code: YOKNIVES. Damascus. Typically, we seek out Damascus steel blades for kitchen use or hunting, and in both of those cases you need a … This is why our inventory is not limited to Damascus knives. YoYo Knives is official website where you can shop different types of knives like steel, chef, hunting, folding, dagger, tracker folders, razor, skinner. * 4 - 5 Business Days -Worldwide Shipping. It features a Damascus blade made with D.P.S. You've just added this product to the cart. This set of three knives by GladiatorsGuild are the best Damascus knives to have in the kitchen. Then I decided to try YoYoKnives and I’m surprised by the quality and durability of the blades of the two Damascus knives I got from them. Being a smart and resourceful chef as I am, I found YoYoKnives and decided to give their kitchen knives a try. We make all of them with love, attention and keeping in mind the industry standards as well as most recent design trends. The knives for sale at this shop, are made keeping in mind your aesthetic standards and your expectations from your knife. Damascus Bowie Knives; Damascus … FAST DELIVERY SERVICES* * 4 - 5 Business Days -Worldwide Shipping. Spyderco Endura 4 Damascus Featuring Spyderco’s signature style, this knife pairs its Damascus steel blade with a high quality titanium handle, making this one of the strongest and most corrosion resistant offerings that won’t completely break the bank. 6. NEWOOTZ Japanese Damascus Steel Pocket Knife 36 Reviews This is the only folding knife on our list for Damascus steel products because it is the best one we’ve found. There were always issues like cracks, tears and micro-chips in the blade. Blade is folded 5 … Our skilled craftsmen learned the art of crafting Damascus knives from the blacksmiths who inherited this art from their forefathers. The Spyderco Endura 4 Titanium Damascus Folding Knife is a combination of state-of-the-art materials and old-world craftsmanship. I’ve been buying Damascus knives from many manufacturers inside USA as well as from other countries, but I was not happy with the quality of those knives. We have a wide array of knives ranging from pocket knives to hunting knives to kitchen knives. We are manufacturers of all types of best Quality Damascus knives such as Damascus Hunting Knives, Kitchen/Chef Knives, Damascus Folding /Pocket Knives, Camping Knives, Bowie Knives, etc. We forge our own Damascus steel from 15N20 and 1095. Home; knives.

best damascus folding knives

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