Well Made Platform Feeders Create. That’s exactly what this window bird feeder allows you to do. No/Green Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder GSB00344-Check Prices Here. Metal is more durable, but also more expensive. The two-pound seed capacity isn’t the largest, and it may mean that you have to frequently fill the feeder to keep up with all the small birds that will want to feed from it. The easy-to-use feeder and innovative design create an environment where birds will feel welcome and where you won’t have trouble feeding and using the feeder. A GIFT FOR BIRD LOVERS: Attract wild birds to your patio, deck, rooftop or backyard by placing this premium quality platform bird feeder station and filling it with grains. Best Bird Feeders of 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide, Best Platform Bird Feeder – Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder – 9.5/10.0, Best Metal Bird Feeder – Perky-Pet 325S Panorama Bird Feeder – 9.0/10.0, Best Small Bird Feeder – Perky-Pet 305 Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder – 9.5/10.0, Best Large Bird Feeder – More Birds X-1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with Four Feeding Ports – 9.0/10.0, Best Cool Bird Feeder – Bluedot Trading Stained Glass Mosaic Bird Feeder – 9.0/10.0, Best Window Bird Feeder – Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder with Ledge – 9.0/10.0, Best Bird Feeder for Apartment Balcony – Stokes Select Deck Hook – 8.5/10.0, Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder – Brome Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder – 10.0/10.0, Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder, Perky-Pet 305 Holly Berry Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder, More Birds X-1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with Four Feeding Ports, Bluedot Trading Stained Glass Mosaic Bird Feeder, Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder with Ledge, A Review of The 5 Top Bird Feeders for Finches, The 10 Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders : Reviews and Buying Guide (2020), 6 Best Window Bird Feeders for Bird Lovers, The 5 Best Oriole Feeders on the Market: An In-Depth Review, Able to be used with many different seed types, Circular perch Make sure that it will be suitable for whichever type of bird you are trying to attract. This affordable feeder is ideal for the budget-conscious person who just needs something small or wants to attract small birds to their property. Even though the site is huge, you will not feel overwhelmed when searching for Platform Bird Feeders. If you want your bird feeder to be a member of your outdoor decor family, but still want to keep it affordable, this is an extremely good option by Perky-Pet. This feeder is suitable for almost any species of bird and even comes with a cardinal ring to attract the beautiful red birds. The weight of a full-grown squirrel on the bird feeder automatically closes the door that allows access to the seed. Because of the metal construction, this item won’t quickly become worn down by weather and other elements, and it can’t be chewed through by squirrels. He enjoys watching local birds from his home as well as exploring tropical birds from exotic locales. This means that you can feel good about your purchase and your choice to support the local economy. Amazon’s Platform Bird Feeders descriptions are also quite good. Pick your material wisely, and make sure that it fits your needs. Three 19-inch long chains allow a vertical hanging height of 21 inches. We definitely recommend this metal bird feeder for those who want something basic yet high in value. The metal construction will prevent it from being damaged by weather and the sturdy hook can hold quite a bit of weight. This is good news for those who have had this problem in the past, since you know personally how frustrating it can be. Hummingbird feeders should be filled with sugar water and placed in the … The sturdy double-loop hanging chains do not break easily under the weight of birds or squirrels. If you’re trying to attract small birds, you’ll want a bird feeder that isn’t intimidating and doesn’t attract very large birds to the feed source. Installing the feeder is very easy and doesn’t even require the use of any tools (most of the time). It is best to identify first the situation you have and then think of the right feeder that … Another common comment is that it is easy to fill. Squirrel Buster Peanut+ 5.1"x5.1"x27" (w/Hanger) Wild Bird Feeder with Woodpecker Friendly Tail Prop, 1.3lbs of Shelled Peanuts -Check Prices Here. Hopper feeders are sturdy, bird friendly, and hold a lot of seeds. The mechanism that prevents squirrels from gaining access to the seed is simple but effective. Will you need to store your Platform Bird Feeders? Like most products, Platform Bird Feederss come in various sizes. EASY TO CLEAN AND WASH: No worries if bird droppings, dust or left-overs stick to the garden bird feeder tray and make it look dirty. Another reason that people love this feeder is that it’s very easy to use all-around—starting with the hanging, which only requires that you hang the feeder by using the strong cable that’s included along with your purchase. Protecting the birds from attacks by domestic cats and hawks. Turn the bird feeder tray face down and hose off the muck. Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Bird Feeder. Some squirrel-proof feeders are similarly effective, but require an electronic mechanism to deter squirrels. The green color means that it will blend in with almost any outdoor decor and be a nice neutral addition to your yard. Check Prices Here. Just take the turn the tray face down and hose off the muck. The main benefit of this feeder, according to those who have purchased similar models in the past, is the fact that you don’t ever have to replace a battery. If you want to attract birds to your property, chances are, that’s because you enjoy looking at them and they’re a pleasure to watch. Here are the results. If you’re going to be shopping for a bird feeder, there is some critical information that you’re going to want to know beforehand. Though this bird feeder doesn’t have any extremely effective anti-squirrel methods to boast about, when it comes to the dining of seed near the circular perches, it does have a sure-lock cap that can help keep squirrels out of the top and ensure that they can’t gain access to the actual tube part of the feeder, which holds all of the valuable seed. This feeder also comes in multi-packs for convenience and to help you save money. Past users of this product fully acknowledge that it’s the best window feeder out there. It's easy to clean and has a powder-coated metal screen to allow for drainage, keeping bird seed drier. The screws ensure that the sides won’t come apart with heavy use, and enhances reliability when birds are using the platform. For this, getting the best bird feeder pole is a must. Woodlink Audubon 3 In 1 Platform Feeder. ", Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder Model GGPLAT, Audubon Going Green Platform Feeder Model NAGGPLAT, Ground Bird Feeder Tray for Feeding Birds That Feed Off The Ground | Durable and Compact Platform Bird Feeder Dish Size 7 x 7 x 2 inches, Homes Garden Platform Bird Feeder, Hanging Tray Squirrel Feeder, Maximum Bird Viewing, Large Capacity, Easy to Clean & Refill, B116A00, WOSIBO 2 Pack Deck Bird Feeders with Platform Metal Mesh Tray, Deck Mount Bird Bath and Detachable Heavy Duty Sturdy Clamp Fence Balcony Bird Feeder for Attracting Birds, WOSIBO Hanging Bird Feeder Tray, Platform Metal Mesh Seed Tray for Bird Feeders, Outdoor Garden Decoration for Wild Backyard Attracting Birds, Gray Bunny Hanging Bird Feeder Tray with Strong Double-Loop Hanging Chains Steel Hanging Platform Bird Feeder Dish 9.25 inch (Dia) with 19 Inch Chains, Funpeny Hanging Wild Bird Feeder, Red Roof House Bird Feeders and Garden Decoration for Bird Watchers and Children, Sorbus Bird Feeder Hanging Tray, Seed Tray for Bird Feeders, Great for Attracting Birds Outdoors, Backyard, Garden (Black), Brogan Metal Hanging Bird Feeder Tray, Platform Wild Bird Mealworms, Seed Bird Feeder Tray or Bird Bath, Outdoor Garden Backyard Decorative Ornaments for Attracting Birds (Black), Feeder is made of up to 90-percent post-consumer recycled plastic, Powder coated metal screen bottom allows for drainage, Sturdy, screwed together construction; will last for years to come, Constructed of up to 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, Powder coated metal screen bottom for better drainage. Additionally, the type of Platform Bird Feeders you purchase may affect its durability.

best platform bird feeder

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