This can be placed like any other tent and its placement will decide where the museum will eventually be built. Blathers is one of the first special villagers to arrive onto the island- here's how to get him and give him all those fish and bugs! He expresses sincere appreciation for all donations and dutifully displays them in the museum's exhibits. His sister, Celeste, will move town to open a second floor of the museum rather than starting with the museum given this museum does not have an observatory. What's more, I'm up to my wingtips in research.So while I thank you for the invitation, I'm sorry to say I cannot make it.". Players can unlock The Roost in New Leaf by recommendation of Blathers once the second floor of the museum is open for seven to ten days, and once 50+ donations to the museum are completed. 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For Tom Nook, these creatures all have to unique types, so giving him five sea bass won't cut it. His face is light beige and he has a yellow beak. “Hoo hoo... A , is it?” Blathers continues serving as the director of the Museum in City Folk. Just be prepared for a lecture whenever you talk to him. After finishing school, he attended university, earning multiple degrees, but not a doctorate. In order to begin the process to unlock Blathers, players must have completed the tutorial and have gone through the process of placing their tent. The five creatures can be any mix of bugs and fish. Blathers will express interest in inviting Brewster to town once he begins to display the "thinking" emotion. Once the museum is finished, the player is able to continue donations. He often makes jokes about fish and bugs (while still maintaining his fear of bugs), but does not provide nearly as much information upon the donation of fossils and paintings. This occurs again in Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS and Super Smash Bros. The first meet Ai here after she exclaims a loud scream at the fossils in the museum. He instead requires the player to send unidentified fossils to the Faraway Museum for identification. ― Blathers when he first introduces himself in. By the time of Wild World, Blathers has apparently completed his doctoral studies as he is now able to officially identify fossils. This art here... IS A FAKE!” Blathers is an owl with brown feathers. Ah yes, Player! The shovel will also allow players to plant fruits and grow more trees around the island. His belly is checkered in light brown and beige diamonds, resembling an argyle vest. !While that does sound like fun, I understand campsites are outdoors, and the outdoors...are full of BUGS!I detest them, you know. As a r… WHO? He in his mid-twenties at this point. Whereas Blathers is trained in fish, bugs, and paintings, he mentions that he is unable to officially identify fossils, though he is confident in his ability nonetheless. Sam loves horror games most of all when it comes to making and playing. Blathers is an optional character in Happy Home Designer. Blathers displays favoritism with donations, becoming most exited when a fossil is being assessed or donated. Should the player donate any genuine painting or sculpture to Blathers, he will begin construction on an art exhibit, leaving the museum temporarily closed for renovations the following day. Should the player attempt to invite Blathers to the campsite by scanning his , he will have the following to say: "Hellooo, this is Blathers. Blathers was seen on the cover of Animal Crossing, standing on the roof. Ultimate. ― Blathers in New Leaf, after given a single fish. RELATED: What's the Point of Eating Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 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