Although, I never had the good fortune to meet Laurence Dickie, I hope to someday. They are very expensive and timely to replace. Yup, the biggest, most commercially-aware speaker brand in the UK has just joined the ranks of the adored, admired and applauded cottage industry. Sorry, but I have to clarify some of the "Sydney" review. I was lucky enough to work on the team with Laurence Dickie back in the 1990s when he was developing the Nautilus Loudspeaker. Inset into the back are the multi-way, CE-approved terminals, recognisably WBT but tailored by the German terminators to B&W's needs. Wierd concept. A great compliment, but both systems were created by the same man... Judge for yourself. The reason they're sold separately is down to some users installing '805s on bookshelves, a criminal waste of a speaker which images like a sonovagun. It came to fruition at the end of five years of research and development where the only brief was to “do whatever was necessary, however unconventional, to make the best loudspeaker anyone has ever heard”. I owned the 8th pair made (serial numbers 115/116) done up in the spectacular Porsche Midnight Blue. All tubes are hidden inside the large tear drop tube cabinet, with a curl at the top echoing the Nautilus snail feature. I am not someone who ever considered themselves passionate about sound quality however, I noticed the Nautilus for sure. B&W Nautilus 805 Loudspeakers Reviewed The 805 produces a "seamless, wall-to-wall sonic stage, with a texture that can only be described as 'silky.'" The lines are normally stuffed with some amount of acoustic stuffing to help the process. acoustic energy ae 5,although not similar in price. As such, I feel completed to write this review / artical. They will leave you breathless; almost speechless and certainly satisfied like no other speaker made. everyone here is talking about transmittion line tec, in this speaker,yes maby a good way of avoiding colloration and abviously reflex port disstortions,no port used,but it is very expensive method.The bass driver has to be able to drive down to 20 hz at a reasonable db,hence a expensive powerfull 10 kg bass driver,wich is one big driver and not a couple small ones like most companies use.the reason why small bass drivers are used by ae etc,is obviously becuase it is easier to controll the light wieght diaphragm.This speaker is very good yes,but no one has 60 grand for a set of speakers.The ae 5 use a reflexion system yes,but this doesnt mean there bass is over extended or even that the port is used for low hz effect,a port can also be used only to release air ,and who says sound comes out with it?The ae 5 cost only a fraction of the price and will compete with these speakers in my opinion.Dont blab on about me comparing two totaly diff speakers just listen to the ae 5s and tell me if theres logik in spending 0000 more. The driver units are impressive, too, utilizing another relatively new and seldom used dynamic driver technology - flat surface drivers. I never intended to sell them, although it was always a hope to install a pair for someone, just not MY pair! Weighing 9kg, the '805 measures 415x238x344mm (HWD). So forget that the '805 is to the '801 what Callista Flockheart is to Pamela Anderson. With no head-clamped-in-a-vice hot-seat effect, with its seamless, wall-to-wall sonic stage, with a texture which can only be described as 'silky', the '805 is so warm and caressing that you don't get the chance to focus on any upper-frequency nasties should they appear. The 802 Diamonds took their space and have done a marvelous job, but I will always miss the sheer 'presence' of the iconic Nautilus' speaker...there really will never be anything quite like it. a cheap sony stereo would look more classy and modern than this, ok, how can anything sound life like? The likelihood of a £1400-per-pair speaker finding a home with a £3000-plus amplifier isn't so outlandish anymore, so I didn't feel too foolish making the pairing. So the active cross over only functions to lift the lower regions of bass to even up with the rest of the frequencies. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Better still, it's a slap in the face of every audiophile who refuses to believe that a massive company can make decent hi-fi, one who insists that sound quality vanishes when turnover reaches Yankee proportions. i dont need to say anymore, i dont own it either, jsut listened to them. And that's when you realise that a product with the fit and finish of the '805 could only come from a firm that's either turning over eight figures, or which has a factory in Italy. Just a thought, otherwise, its dam good sound. Yes, it is efficient. Not to mention the fact that most people spending the amount of money being asked for a pair of 901s should care about the equipment and how it functions...Sorry for the rant - far from a review except for the semi-technical parts. On top of the shot-filled pillar is a plate with the exact same dimensions as the speaker's footprint, fitted with upward-pointing spikes, but you can opt for alternative fittings, including screws to attach the speaker to the stand in the presence of children. Again, the cabinets and tubes remove totally all rear radiation, and this time his drivers are neodymium magnet powered rather than ceramic magnets as used in Nautilus. Not with standard, paper-cone dynamic drivers you're not!! |, High Frequency: 2 domed units of anodised aluminium 50mm and 25mm in diameter, Mid-range/high frequency: 100mm flat-fronted unit, Bass: A 9.5kg (21lbs) magnet with a 100mm (4in) voice coil acts as the massive motor of the 300mm (12in) bass unit. A beautiful conversation piece! as for singing and orchestra recordings and stuff, no ones PA gear is gonna record the sound the exact way it occured. If anything, the '805 erred on the side of politeness, in sharp contrast to the spitty, edgy, nasty aggression (Gee, who does that remind me of?) B&W Had to keep up the production of Nautilus because of Vivid. That is exactly why there are so many different speaker manufacturers and audio companies in the world today. The low frequency unit is also in a tapered line but it is terminated (has no port).Now to my point: I agree that the B&W is an amazing technological feat. Personally I love these speakers. In contrast to some equally charming but even more diminutive minis - my adored but lamented LS3/5As for example - the '805 never sounds like it's struggling to convey mass, weight or extension. My opinion of the quality is the same as every Klipsch speaker I have ever heard: bass drum kicks and the like sound all the world like a large granite boulder being dropped on a concrete floor. The technology can be found elsewhere - check out Carolina Audio for some great transmission line designs. This 24in tall support is available with a black or natural metal pillar to complement the speaker's black ash, cherry or red-stained cherry real wood veneers. The magnetically shielded cabinet contains the Matrix innards which B&W developed to free its enclosures from resonance and unwanted flexing, a network of 'anechoic cells' made up of numerous braces. It is electronic and may have arguable fidelity depending on who you ask, but it basically divides frequencies to the different drivers. Nautilus 801 gave the line so much credibility - rave reviews, floor space at Abbey Road, etc - that B&W has managed to do what most speaker brands dream about yet few achieve: the company juggles models with true high-end worth (and price tags) with speakers firmly in the budget sector.

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