Boyne has vigorous, heavy canes that produce large, high quality fruits. Summer-bearing … Boyne is THE summer producing red raspberry for extreme arctic climates! Aug 24, 2019 - Developed in Canada as a variety for northern areas where hardiness is most needed. Able to grow in zones 3-7. Released in 1960, ‘Boyne’ is an early-season variety that is extremely winter hardy. Also, because it isn’t as sweet as other raspberries it is great for … It also has white flowers during the blooming season. Since it was developed in Canada it knows how to withstand cold winters. Fruits are medium size and tremendously flavorful when they open in the middle of July. This ultra hardy raspberry is very reliable. Boyne has vigorous, heavy canes that produce large, high quality fruits. Bears about the same time as Latham. Boyne is the one to beat if you’re going to introduce a new raspberry.” Leaves tend to curl down over the fruit making it harder to pick if you’re in a hurry. The Raspberry, Rubus ‘Boyne’ is THE summer producing red raspberry for extreme arctic climates! Boyne, Boyne Red Raspberry This extremely winter hardy variety is very productive with sweet, dark red fruit. ‘Boyne’, is an attractive berry with a deliciously […] Boyne … It is a heavy reliable producer with a very sweet taste. Very popular cultivator in Northern States. It is self fertile needing full sun. Rubus. Delicious raspberries are perfect for homemade jam an Ordering Information; Shipping Information; Guarantees and Warranties; Discount Information; Contact Us; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Quick Order Form FLAVOR OF FRUIT: Boyne Raspberry is a great berry for a cold area. T&T Seeds History; Retail Store & Office Hours; Store Location; Gift Certificates; Garden Guru Tips & Library; My Account; 10 Thousand Tree Project; Customer Service. Boyne Raspberry is a moderately sweet berry well adapted to the Northwest climate. They mature early and will be the first raspberries you harvest. According to friends who make honey and fruit butters, there is no better raspberry for processing. These tenacious plants do very well in Alaska, and can handle less-than-ideal conditions. Sturdy uprights canes will not need trellising to support the abundant fruit production. Boyne produces dark red, medium sized berries. It is an attractive berry with a delicious sweet, aromatic flavor, making it an excellent choice for fresh eating, canning, freezing and desserts. “Boyne” produces heavy harvests of medium-sized berries that are firm and excellent for freezing and for jam. If you are looking for a berry that will produce well for market or a home garden, the Boyne Raspberry is a great choice. Boyne was developed in Canada as an extremely hardy raspberry. Oct 19, 2015 - Spring Planting: this product will be shipped late April through May according to your hardiness zone. Grow Your Own Fresh Fruit!

boyne raspberry seeds

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