You will get the soul, but miss out on so much (you won't get the armor of the Ivory King nor the rest of Loyce Knight items) It's not a flawless strategy, but has worked for me for literally tens of bossruns.The boss may seem like much of a hazzle due to being the main antagonist of the DLC, but he's pretty much just a slower version of the Lost Sinner, or possibly a weaker Fume Knight. Stress-free. Blocking is the best method. The knights will be a random mix of halberd, sword, or pyromancy users. Used either after a back step from the boss or when too far away. Try and keep to three at a time. Preparation Now you probably wonder what's waiting for you behind the fog door, in the hole down there? He gains two additional attacks while his weapon is buffed, the Crystal Pillar and his Charging Stab. While attacking, he can be heard speaking. (yes, they just keep coming and coming if the portals aren't sealed). Throughout the entire battle, the Knights will periodically freeze the portals, preventing Charred Knights from spawning. Other knights were ordered to delve into the depths of Chaos to exterminate the terrible things that dwelt there, but not one of the knights returned. He starts with a slash attack then moves into two additional slashes and finishes with a thrust. Now, the portals should be closed, or at least 2 of them when a huge portal emerges from end of the Arena, from the middle of two portals. Or have it as backup weapon just in case. Burnt Ivory King is a boss in Dark Souls 2. When a lost child of Dark named Alsanna sought to sustain herself using the powerful king, he granted her protection and comfort despite possibly knowing her true intentions. A very fun and epic fight of medium difficulty. Target lock the Ivory King, with Havel's Greatshield equipped to the offhand, and a long weapon/magic(hexes/miracles)/Avelyn equipped to the right hand. Finding the three uncorrupted Knights from around Eleum Loyce will be an immense help in the fight. Oh! Note that NONE OF THE LOYCE KNIGHTS ARE LOCATED IN FRIGID OUTSKIRTS. Feel free to edit the page and add yours. You will get the soul, but miss out on so much (you won't get the armor of the Ivory King nor the rest of Loyce Knight items) (B) OFFENSIVE POSITION (the easy choice) If you chose the offensive position, you don't really need to worry much... Just enough to know you're playing a game that doesn't quite like you, but not as much as that you're fighting a boss in that game. The Loyce Knights will play an important part in the bossfight. Eventually, the Ivory King sensed the degradation of his soul and left Eleum Loyce without a word, leaving everything to Alsanna. Twiggy Shei uses a bow, and i've noticed he is able to stagger the Burnt Ivory King. 6. (great importance what you wear), 4. The boss will be taken care of by your allies, all you need to do is tank his attacks. Because for ivory elephants have to die so ivory is a bad thing? Which is it? 11,256 Impale: Only used with the buffed sword. Being careful and strategic with attacks can help the player conserve healing items for the fight with the actual boss. He will eventually 'enchant' his weapon with magic, which is very, very easy to notice, as his sword will begin to resemble a lightsaber. The Old Chaos Gathering all four Loyce Knigths and the two NPC phantoms to battle the Charred Loyce Knigths repeatedly is a great late-game soul-farming opportunity. He starts with thrust attack and follows up with a slash then a jumping slash. It is recommended that you find and talk to the 3 Loyce Knights scattered throughout the DLC, one is already waiting for you, to get allies in combat and to close 1-3 portals in the boss area that spawn Charred Loyce Knight enemies in the area. Approaches: I used a gyrm greatshield + dark barbed club for killing the charred knights. The Charren Loyce Knights are either Melee or Magic, the Melee versions using mostly swords and axes, and the Mages using only Pyromancies, mainly just Fireball, Fire Snake, and Combustion. Perhaps this is the difference between DS2 and DS3? The Ivory King was described as a compassionate and strong ruler, always the first to swing his sword in times of need for the good of his people or for his homeland. Jumping Spin: The King will jump into the air, spinning 360 degrees before slashing with his sword. The summons are just healthpools (and occasional staggerers) during the bossfight.

burnt ivory king

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