You can use a cookie sheet or anything kind of tin for baking, but i would advice you to just put the pizza on the rack in the oven unless you want a huge mess you clean up. Since you build the pizza in the pan that you bake on, the new baker doesn't have to worry about dealing with a pizza peel and transferring the unbaked pie to a stone. *Be sure to leave an inch or so of space around the edge of the pan as the dough will spread when the cookie is baking. Edges If you want a deeper crust or stuffed-crust, this is the right thing to look for in a pizza pan. So pay attention to the instructions with the pizza you are cooking. If desired, you can spray a regular pan with non-stick cooking spray instead of oil. Now, you’re going to spread your cookie dough out on a 12-15 inch pizza stone or a greased pizza pan. Different styles of pizza and crust require different types of pan to properly bake pizzas. You can find less expensive substitutes, too. A vented or a perforated pizza pan as the name suggests – has holes in the bottom of the pan so that the heat can follow under the pizza resulting into a crispier crust. Standard jelly roll pans and cookie sheets work in a pinch. I wouldn't worry about it, though. As you discovered years ago, you can of course make cookies on your pizza stone. Some frozen pizza is made with raw dough, and this needs to be placed on a pizza pan or baking sheet. Otherwise it will thaw out and then it will fall through! Use rimless cookie sheets for baking pizza and cookies evenly. Choose aluminum pans, which hold heat evenly and cool down quickly after baking. The cornmeal can be omitted if you don't like the texture it gives to the pizza crust. Did you know that the pan’s thickness, ... you can use the back of a cookie sheet as well! you cannot just bake it on the rack unless you by a dough that has already been bake... it will ozz through the rack. If you have a pizza stone then you can use this for the best results. Cleanup is easy, too—no peel to dust off, no cornmeal on the pizza stone, and unless your pizza is seriously messy, all drips are contained in the pan. Why you'll love it: The Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Pizza Pan is designed to bake evenly so you can count on delicious, crunchy crusts. Some pans are coated with stainless steel, but make sure the pans have an aluminum core. ... Perforated style is a pizza pan with holes. If you are worried about taste, try putting parchment paper on top of your current stone under the cookies for a thin layer of separation. Perforated pizza pans give pizza crusts a crispy texture in brick ovens, on the grill or in the regular home oven set to high temperature over 400 degrees.

can you bake cookies on a pizza pan with holes

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