// Load the SDK asynchronously Joo-mi finds Bok-ja in the kitchen and can’t wait for Ah-jin to get there to fire her. Ah-jin suggests they all take a group lesson from Kyung-hee’s husband, and Ki-ok responds that people cheat on their husbands with their golf instructors. FB.init({ She heads to the door, and he stops to give her a good amount of money to buy “whatever she wants.” She says she’ll see him at the next outing, and they wink at each other. In fact, the only suspects they have are members of the family, and everyone except for a woman named Woo Ah-jin is considered a suspect. Jae-suk wants to go over to meet the new caregiver, but Ah-jin tells him that she has to let her go because of Joo-mi. Instead of heading home, she calls someone named Bong-choong and postpones Chairman Ahn’s physical therapy until the next day. Bok-ja picks out a new comforter for Chairman Ahn and stops at a restaurant to eat pig skin and drink soju alone. Her dad, however, is strongly opposed to their union and has set his heart on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon, the son of his best friend. Ah-jin’s eyes widen at this, and the detective asks if she really doesn’t remember. Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-10 to 2010-Jan-24 Suspect and daughter-in-law Park Joo-mi (Seo Jung-yeon) inquires after the new caregiver and suggests that they do a background check, but Ah-jin waves it off, mentioning that Bok-ja sent her resume via email. 3:08. Chairman Ahn suddenly announces that he needs to go to the bathroom, and both daughters-in-law dutifully stand to help, but Ah-jin makes it there first. Instead, Ah-jin sends Jae-suk to pick up Ji-hoo while she goes to check in on Chairman Ahn. Sung-hee is surprised to hear of such an arrangement and doesn’t make an effort to hide her reaction. As she prepares food, the cook hears a shout from the hall and rushes to investigate, only to find Bok-ja lying on the floor by the steps, groaning. Do You Like Brahms? Dramacool regularly updates new technology. Is it the eyebrow tattoos? As Ah-jin leaves, the mortician asks the detective who he thinks is the killer. Yoon Joo Hee as Jung So Yeon, Chief Producer: Oh Hyun Chang In bed that night, Jang Sung-soo receives a text from Kyung-hee and writes back to her, even with his wife asleep in bed next to him. The next day, Sung-hee meets with the art gallery curator and asks how Ah-jin met her husband. (Ha!). Once outside the house, Bok-ja’s demeanor changes completely — she straightens up, and her face becomes hard as she walks away. Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Ah-jin appears in the dining room and asks how things are going, seemingly oblivious to the tension in the room. We then see her taking Bok-ja’s ashes to the water to scatter them. The cook has been watching the exchange from afar and laughs at Joo-mi getting owned by the new hired help. Bok-ja and Joo-mi’s interactions in particular keep me invested in the plot, and I am living for both Kim Sun-ah and Seo Jung-yoon’s amazing facial expressions as they battle it out. But when she asks who his favorite artists are, he’s almost caught. The detective replies that he was sure it was Ah-jin, but now he’s certain it’s not. Episodes: 31 Both Seong-hee and Ah-jin are way too good for him, and yet, I kind of love the way that he and Ah-jin interact with one another. Ah-jin wants Joo-mi’s opinion as well, but Joo-mi insists that they need to have a private conversation. On a stormy night, a figure dressed in black rushes through a hallway and hits a woman in the back of the head, causing a glass of wine crashing to the floor.

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