Considered to be one of the most elegant cat-breeds the world has ever known, the Siamese cat is a mystical-looking animal that will captivate any onlooker. As they were bred from the sacred cats of Siam, Siamese cats were originally only owned by Buddhist monks and royal families. A cross-eyed Siamese is so worth it. link to Why Do Cats Wiggle Before Pouncing - What To Know. The Siamese cat’s genetic flaw in their eye structure stems from the genetic disruption of neurological wiring. This close-minded manner of viewing appearance—in that a beautiful pet reflects the value of its owner—most definitely bleeds over into other aspects of the human experience. Is It Normal for a Siamese Cat to Be Cross-Eyed? The Siamese cat originated in Thailand, then known as Siam, in the 14th century. When this condition manifests in adult cats it is most probably a sign of a serious eye condition that requires your vet’s attention. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time. They are all long and skinny, featuring a sleek coat with unique colorings such as seal point, blue point, lynx point, and purple point. So, why do Siamese cats have crossed eyes? Place soft blankets, carpet, or pillows around areas where your cat could fall or slip. Siamese cats are all partially albino. Traditionally, Siamese cats have been cross-eyed but many modern Siamese cats are not, because the Breed Associations and Cat Fancies of many countries discourage Siamese breeders from continuing to breed cats with bilateral medial strabismus (crossed eyes). Cross-eyed Siamese cats cross their eyes in order for their brain to receive a clear image of the world around them. The presence of the albino gene in Siamese cats causes some of them to only see straight when their eyes are crossed. Honestly, it seems to perpetuate the bad idea of unattainable beauty norms. In the past, crossed eyes seemed to occur more commonly in Siamese cats due to selective breeding. I, for one, couldn’t help but wonder if they’re in pain or neurologically impaired. Being the oldest domestic feline, Siamese cats are thought to be the father of all house cats. However, at the turn of the 18th century, Thai aristocrats began gifting Siamese cats to visiting European dignitaries. We are a team of cat owners and writers who love to write about everything related to cats. Siamese cats have crossed eyes because of Strabismus. This is my explanation as to why some Siamese cats are cross-eyed or at least it is possibly part of the reason. With Siamese cats, the left retina tilts in toward the right and the right retina tilts left. The crossed eyes of the Siamese cat developed naturally to compensate for a genetic flaw in their eye... Scientific Explanation. Initially, when the cats were first introduced … This disruption is the abnormal crossing of vision fibers within the cat’s central nervous system. After all, when I cross my eyes, I’m left with a headache. Cross-eyed Siamese cats make fun and playful companions; they almost always live healthy lives. Welcome to FAQCats! We strive to provide the most accurate and helpful information about cats through extensive research and caring for our own fur-pals! There is always a chance, however slight, that a kitten could be born cross-eyed. However, the trait is less common among modern Siamese. Some prospective cat owners seek out cross-eyed Siamese because not only because they’re very endearing, but also as they are picturesque of the traditional Siamese cat. The median lifespan of the Siamese group was somewhere between 10 and 12.5 years; 68% lived to 10 years or more and 42% to 12.5 years or more. Both of these defects are considered a charming trademark of the Traditional breed. But I’ll admit I was confused when I noticed that my... Hi there, and welcome to FAQCats. Siamese cats have crossed eyes because of Strabismus. They lend historical beauty. The majority of deaths were caused by neoplasms, mainly mammary tumors. Are Domestic Tiger Tabby Cats Color Blind?→. Why Do Cats Wiggle Before Pouncing - What To Know. Have a look around and enjoy the content! Wiggling is just about the cutest thing any cat can do, or at least that’s what it seems like when you talk to cat owners. Each eye has one spot that sees the same thing as the other eye. Cats' eyes point forward, like human eyes. Is It Normal for a Siamese Cat to Be Cross-Eyed? Crossed eyes and a kinked tail are both considered natural to the breed; street Siamese cats in Thailand have them. Siamese kittens who are not cross-eyed are fortunate to not showcase the repercussions of massive breeding. Thanks to this trend, Siamese cats are common throughout North America, Europe, and Asia today. The center of the retina is shifted for both eyes, causing them to naturally not see straight. Swiftly, they developed the Modern Siamese cat; this Siamese has a wedge-shaped face, large ears, a lankier body, and usually, straight-staring eyes. Crossed eyes are a feature to be amazed by; any owner who owns a cross-eyed Siamese can confirm that they would never wish for a straight-seeing cat. My cats have always been naturally curious, which is a sign of happy, healthy felines, so I’m always happy to indulge in their exploration. Based on Swedish insurance data, which tracked cats only up to 12.5 years, Siamese and Siamese-derived breeds have a higher mortality rate compared to other breeds. Dunn holds a degree from UCSF and formerly worked as professional chef. Whatever your preference, you can find Siamese cats with beautiful blue eyes that slant or look straight on. If you’re worried about your cross-eyed Siamese being unable to navigate your home as safely as you’d like, make sure your living space has plenty of room for your cat to run around and climb. We are passionate cat owners and love raising our little tabby boy cat Harley.

cross eyed cat siamese

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