Daenerys Targaryen and Daario Naharis. u/Greendruid1665. Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr. Before both of these lovers passed in episode nine of season three, they shared one spicy sex scene together. of Slaver's Bay ? Daario never went anywhere, he is still in Essos. While Daenerys and her crew finally ventured west at the end of Season 6, the Mother of Dragons made Daario and his Second Sons stay behind to keep the peace in … Archived. Do we know anything about Daario Naharis in season 8? game of thrones 8 È possibile che Daario Naharis sia partito alla volta di Westeros. Missing Game of Thrones characters – will Jaqen H’ghar, Uncle Benjen Stark and Daario Naharis return in season 8? 1 year ago. Will we see him again or is he first character with some sort of a happy ending as a ruler (temporary?) Season 5, Episode 7. that he stay in Meereen and managed the mess she made of that side of Slaver’s Bay. Dario Naharis might just be instrumental in diverting the Golden Company. Close. Poor Daario Naharis. In Season 6, Dany requested (insisted!) It looks like fans’ high hopes to see a returning character in “ Game of Thrones ” Season 8 have been debunked. A lot of viewers expect to see the return of Michiel Huisman to reprise his role as Daario Naharis, leading the Golden Company in the new season, but it seems like it will never happen.. 2. (IMDb) Dario Naharis wasn't one of the characters we were reunited with in season 8 episode 1, and while we still do not know if the character will return, nothing has been revealed about his arrival. Do we know anything about Daario Naharis in season 8? Posted by. Save What happened to Benjen Stark and the many other missing characters? It takes four seasons for Daenerys to move on from Khal Drogo, however when she does, it's one hell of a scene. Season 2, Episode 8.

daario naharis season 8

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