She says she is worried every time she hears an ambulance thinking her son would be inside. Yoo Joon lets out an alarmed cry in shock as he looks at Si Young. The elevator door opens and she walks in. She cries saying he was so sick that he almost died and asks if he never thought about her. She tears up a contact number and asks him to visit if he is ill. He then helps another elderly patient into the bed and asks if he is doing fine. Si Young tries calling Yo Han but the call keeps going to voicemail. She puts the phone into her pocket and walks away. In the waiting room, a mother and daughter are sitting across the old man. Just then, Won Hee and Heo Joon run into the stairwell telling Yo Han how much they missed him. Yi Moon objects saying that terminal patients can only be sustained and not cured. It portrays the various degrees and types of pain that patients go through. He teams up with another doctor who is warm and understanding. She shows him the plan for the hospice and palliative care centre. He then walks away slowly. The elderly person coughs as the bus rides through. Yoo Joon says Yo Han was still under treatment and he was exercising hard. Eun-Jeong says the book told death that, death was born to cherish and love life. Though it is early on in the series, this episode had me thinking about how the series will end, especially for the male lead. As she walks out, she receives a message from a number asking if she has done a brainwave test on the patient. She requests him to reply once he reads the email. Mi Rae who is drinking, asks Yo Han why he didn’t drop them even a text. He tears up as he says he knows how tough it is. Si Young messages Yo Han saying she was worried about him. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Byrne to book an appointment. He points out that she had a keen eye and hired Yo Han. She says the ones who survive die before the age of 25. Later on, as they have drinks, Yoo Joon tells Si Young that she should understand Yo Han. Mi Rae yells at him asking why Yoo Joon didn’t tell them. You just have to pay more attention to fully understand. She asks what he thinks about it. She reads an excerpt from the book (death asks why it was born) and asks the children why they think death was born. At the conference room, we see that Min is now the chairperson. He says Yo Han’s patients have eaten up his body one by one. She explains that he was always competent and had hired him based on a recommendation. The patient’s pulse rate goes up to 200 and she panics as she tells him this. Eun Jeong says their Centre is waiting for it too. She pauses for a moment when she finds the glass kettle, unopened tea and sealed water bottles. He then asks her if she is wearing a hazmat suit and she says she is. She says they should. Heo Joon walks away as the patient comes in. He says he will visit the vet hereafter since she is allergic to cat fur. Min maintains that their goal should be to not only to cure them but also to give the patients an improved quality of life. He tells her to leave, as he has to go for a check-up. Won Hee says Yo Han’s research is a big success and it won an exclusive contract with a big American company. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Yoo Joon tells Yo Han about this patient in a low voice. The mother says she doesn’t know how to thank Doctor Cha but Si Young says he will think it was his duty. Back at the restaurant, Won Hee complains that there is no going back. He says this is how he has been living his entire life. Yoo Joon smiles and holds her hand. She starts reading more about it. ( Log Out /  Yo Han is in the elevator on his way to his office. Yo Han says he agrees with it. With its optimistic and happy ending, Doctor John definitely tops my list of favourite medical dramas making it a must-watch. Yoo Joon suggests they go back for the tests. Yoo Joon’s mother asks him to bring his colleagues to the restaurant often. She says he has lost his sense of direction. Yo Han smiles as he greets Son with a hug. And you helped me a lot in this direction. The room is filled with medical equipment of all sorts. It was great to see Mi Rae and Yoo Joon together. The elderly man starts coughing more. ( Log Out /  Dorian, M.D. Yo Han walks in and addresses her as Chairwoman. She says she will check results in 24 hours. 2 : Nicole Says: July 13th, 2019 at 3:53 am. Inside the Pain Management Centre, Nurse Hong reads the warning for Nipah virus that flashes on her monitor. This character is one of the best female leads by far, as she is matured, caring, strong-willed, loving and talented. Yo Han speaks into the phone saying he will meet tomorrow. She asks if it can spread this quickly. "Dear John,” the surprise hit romance that opened over the weekend, might not have been as big a hit if it had the original ending.. She calls him unpredictable, as she doesn’t know how far he will go without stopping. She yells pointing out that they were doing well until now. With its great acting, script, screenplay, dialogues and OSTs Doctor John is a must-watch. Yoo Joon and Si Young learn from her that she sometimes sleeps up to 12 hours. She explains that hospice has just 20 beds currently and she wants to expand it. He asks her why does that matter. Won Hee notes the name “Cha Yo Han” imprinted on the back cover. Mi Rae joins Yoo Joon by the elevator and shows him the pictures of the kitten after the surgery. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It explains how he has survived all along despite being a CIPA patient. He notes the patient (Lee Da Hee) has pain in the right arm after surgery. He smiles as he sees her speaking rudely to the residents. There was also a strong theme of kindness and goodness, whether to acquaintances, family or strangers, that impressed me. Si-young sees him talk. He says he is outside. Yo Han says he too can’t feel pain as he has the same condition as his father. Won Hee prompts the residents and they say they will try harder in unison. Yo Han asks her to go on. In the meeting room, Si Young is rude and cold as she tells off a second-year resident for making a mistake in diagnoses. He walks towards her and he says she is the first person to find out about his condition. Yoo Joon yells that Yo han always had Si Young on his mind. She cries out saying she can’t forget about him. Another day, Yo Han eats as he watches Si Young walk by after checking her phone. I can’t see whole episodes of the drama, and your writing helps put the bits I can see in order and fills in the gaps. Won Hee says Yo Han coldly left them when they tried so hard to make him stay. That is my last prescription for our pain that stays with us as long as we live.”. Yo Han walks down the hall and into the stairwell as he asks if she has done a general brainwave test. But what it does manage to create, is something that is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. ( Log Out /  It is a layman’s encyclopaedia of rare diseases. The cause might be unknown but no pain is without a cause.” Yo Han and Si Young smile at this. Her eyes well up as Yo Han walks up to his desk and switches off the monitors one by one. The others say that Yo Han is busy working on a big project and can’t contact her every day. Joo Kyung says if that happens, she wouldn’t envy having 100 doctors like him. He says he called up 911 and they asked where the pain was at. My world that was neither hot nor cold turned warm after I met you.” Si Young cries as she asks, “Why didn’t you give me an answer when you had such a great one?”, Yo Han says, “Because it means I love you. He checks the patient list on Nurse Hong’s computer. ( Log Out /  Yo Han doesn’t move or respond. ( Log Out /  He tells her to stop blushing as the elevator doors close. She says she wants Yo Han to head the pain management side. Yo Han says he told them that he didn’t know. Just then, a man carries in the child having a high fever, whose mother has gone to retrieve the purse. He then asks about the patient’s condition and she says he is stable but having trouble breathing. The acceleration of Developing Pain Medication” it says that Yo Han who is a CIPA patient helped accelerate the research of pain medication. She finds the CT and MRI results normal. Si Young hangs up and sinks to the floor with a sigh of relief. She adds that few other patients who were on the same bus also have fever and nausea. He remembers doing Lee Da Hee’s surgery and running into a complication. At Min’s office, Joo Kyung learns that Yo Han turned down her offer. Mi Rae is crying as she is heading home in the cab. One of my favorite Korean actor. They proceed to the isolation ward. Eun Jeong says that everyone here respects life, which is why no one should give up easily or left to suffer in pain for too long.

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