Switchable phantom power and absolute phase. The signal path uses only discrete components like resistors, capacitors and transistors. 2. the casing is made of metal wich makes it feel robust and the red color and overall style makes it feel like a real vintage Preamp. No integrated circuits in the signal path. It also features a rear-panel 1/4" insert send/return jack, plus the gain control now operates clockwise for higher gain. the knowledge of our technical crew and our long time experience, our mission is to create affordable mics and outboards for everyone. I watched several demos and what they all said was that the GAP 73 MKII is a must-have preamp to give your sound different flavour. The PRE-73 MKIII is a one-channel vintage style microphone-, line- and instrument preamplifier. What I found great reviews for, was the GAP 73 MKII, for it met my budget and it promised to bring vintage punchy sound. Copyright 2018 Golden Age Project | All Rights Reserved |, “I received my PRE-73 MKII a few days ago and I absolutely love it! Selectable two frequency high pass filter, 6 dB/octave at 40 or 170Hz. in the US, Got my Pre-73.. its fantastic, best kept secret in audio thanks GA. cant wait for the compressor.A comment on the GAP forum, “Great Great Oustanding PREAMPS LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! A German review. The signal path uses only discrete components like resistors, capacitors and transistors. https://soundcloud.com/tags/sound%20sample_2, https://soundcloud.com/tags/soud%20sample_1. PROS: Features insert jack, that is very useful when you use a compressor or eq The pcb is prepared for the Carnhill input transformer. I'll probably buy another one soon and I suggest it to everyone that wants a good vintage style transfo preamp and that doesn't want to pay for the real thing. Gives real vintage and punchy sound Golden Age Project offers high quality gear suitable for anyone looking for that extra ingredient that makes all the difference. The character, the amount of clean gain, the build quality, the impedenance features, it’s really a beast that easily compares to a lot of much much much more expensive units i’ve worked with in the past.”. Good vintage respectful outlook, unlike the chinese replicas Review this product Prices & More Info Tools. With circuitry based on the venerable Neve 1073 preamp, considered among the best-sounding preamps of all time, the Golden Age Project PRE-73 MKII version delivers the same vintage sound with lower noise and wider dynamic range. 1. The in- and output is transformer balanced, using two different transformers, each one optimized for its purpose. The output level control makes it possible to make fine gain adjustments and also to overload the main gain stage(s) for more character and then lower the signal to a suitable level before the output stage. Ì didn`t use any eq or compression for the demos, only the high pass filter on my shure ksm27 condensor mic and pop filter for the voice. The circuit used in the PRE-73 MKIII is similar to the preamp section in the classical 1073 module with a corresponding sound character that is warm, punchy, sweet and musical. What can be sometimes called a disadvantage for the sound is that it is very difficult to achieve transparency of sound ( I`ve heard that certain modes can change that) Selectable 6 dB/octave two frequency high pass filter at around 40 (HP1) and 170 Hz (HP2). Allows you to overdrive the gain stage and then refine the output level separately for punchier or cleaner sound. The PRE-73 Mk2 is the first one-channel low-cost preamp on the market that is using a fully discrete signal path with three separate transformers for the balanced mic input, the line input and the output. 80dB of gain easily handles passive ribbon mics on quiet sound sources. This is the way audio components were built before integrated circuits became available. They didn`t say it was best on vocals or guitar, which was my main concern- if it would be better than the ones I already had. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. The input impedance in LINE mode is 10 kohm. 3. A high-impedance instrument input for any sound module, electric guitar or bass. Vintage Style electronics. In conclusion, this unit is really a bang for the buck as it sound really close to the original 1073 for a tenth of the price. A solid build quality that will last many years of normal use. 1. The PRE-73 MKIII is a one-channel vintage style microphone-, line- and instrument preamplifier. It`s said to be very suitable for ribbons or mics like shure sm7b, but I didn`t have any of them. PRE-73 MKIII. These classic characteristics have been heard on countless recordings through the years and it is a versatile sound that works very well on most sound sources and in most genres. “I received my PRE-73 MKII a few days ago and I absolutely love it! It's a little cleaner than the original 1073 and the low are not as fat but in my opinion, the difference isn't worth 4000$. Combo XLR/TRS input jack and separate output XLR and TRS jacks for flexible connections. So far I had a Mackie Satellite base station interface and Presonus Tube Pre, this much I knew for preamps. The 4 led meter on the Pre-73 is not bad, but sometimes it's hard to work with only a -10, 0, +10 and a clip led reference. Our old-timer, released over 15 years ago and still our bestseller! The line and microphone input and the line output are transformer balanced, using three different transformers, each one optimized for its purpose. Wish there were several more levels under -10 on the LED level meter

golden age pre 73 mkii

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