Not bad for some wrist strength. Wrist curls/Reverse wrist curls: What many may think of when they think of “grip strength” exercises. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of hand and wrist … If the stretch hurts, stop. Hand exercises can reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling while improving joint flexibility. Pictured – Left: Wrist curls, Right: Reverse wrist curls. The key is to do the exercises regularly. Place your forearm on a table, with your hand and affected wrist extended beyond the table, palm down. How to do the exercises Wrist flexion and extension 1. A person should do the exercises below slowly and gently, focusing on stretching and strengthening. Also, developing a routine will help maintain that consistency. ~10 repetitions. Bend your wrist to move your hand upward and allow your hand to close into a fist, then lower your hand … 2.

hand and wrist strengthening exercises

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