Babies’ gums are very strong and can mush food up quite well! Is everyone cutting blueberries for their LO? of little ones is that they can’t get their babes to eat vegetables. This vivid oatmeal can be made into a baby puree, cooled into chunks for baby-led weaning, served separated with add-ins for the skeptical toddler or … My baby-led weaning posts are, by far, my most viewed posts. Here are plenty of ideas for baby-led weaning starter foods: Most fruit can be served in long, thin slices. Can leave skin on until baby starts to break pieces of it off. Everything should be soft and in long sticks. Whether they’re following baby-led weaning or not, one of the pain points I hear about most often from mamas (and dadas!) How to Cut Food for Baby-Led Weaning: Six Month Old Babies. Again, these are by no means the only way to do it, but should give you a good idea of where to start! Baby Led Weaning Diary.. And it’s goodbye from Siobhan and some stuff about choking. Tags: choking, gagging, ... First, the little girl: She was three years old! Can leave skin on until baby starts to break pieces of it off. 6-9 Months. Bananas- slice into finger width sticks. I cut them up until around 11 months, but I think if I were to do it for the next baby, I would leave them whole and see how you get on. Is there a point where we don't have to? I feel like I'm taking the joy out of eating blueberries for my LO by having to cut them. Cucumbers- Slice in to sticks 1/4 or 1/6 of a cucumber wide. You don’t need to keep serving food in long strips anymore. Carrots- Slice into finger width sticks . She loves picking them up right out of the container and gets so excited. Below you will find several examples of how to cut food for baby led weaning. How to cut foods for baby led weaning: It can vary by age how to cut finger foods for baby, as well as by item. Even if you were to decide to cut up blueberries for a baby of six months, would you really expect to still be doing it when he or she was three? Cutting blueberries in half - Page 2: We cut blueberries in half due to it's shape being a choking hazard. This is because the pincer grip is not yet honed, so they need to be able to hold it between their 4 fingers and palm. Blueberry Oatmeal for Baby, Toddler & Kids – the perfect warm and healthy breakfast for any age! I really believe it's about making you comfy as well as lo, and if you feel like you would be standing over her panicking if you give her whole blueberries, then it's really not worth worrying about it! Gave DS blueberries for the first time recently, and there was a difference of opinions among friends over whether they should be cut or not.I always

how to cut blueberries for baby led weaning

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