Not only are they very informative and. How to defend yourself with a knife. The tempo and rhythm are challenging yet achievable, and each evolution builds on the last one and involves the last skill set learned. You don't need any special training, or previous martial arts experience... You don't need to be athletic or have any extra strength or speed... And you don't need to practice these moves for years before you can use them! Chris is one of the best instructors I have had for pistol skills. If you're a firearms novice or seasoned veteran, I'm sure you'll get something out of his courses. I would certainly recommend this class, and I plan on taking future classes offered by MDTS. and know what they are talking about. The pocket knife you choose should have an ergonomic handle so you can grasp it well. CRASH COURSE IN “MILITARY GRADE” KNIFE SURVIVAL SKILLS. Chris is very patient and level headed, his range demeanor is top notch. He and his team are also very solicitous of any physical restrictions that one may have and have always found work arounds. MDTS is one of the few companies I regularly recommend for training. Took In-Extremis Medical Skills with Chris and EJ. With the reverse grip, the opposite occurs and the tip is down. I look forward to more training, I've been in Law Enforcement for 28 years and decided to take a "Civilian" based CC class with MDTS, I'm also a firearms instructor for my department. If you want to learn to defend yourself with a knife, you need intelligence, balance, and precision. I highly recommend his seminars. I know Chris as a friend and as an instructor. If you want to build your confidence level and gain a lot of useful information and skills, attend a class from MDTS. You will leave this class with a great foundation and knowledge of how it utilized your pistol as a defensive tool. This way, it can multitask when you don’t need it to protect yourself or others. Amazing experience and now I'm confident I can defend my family in any nighttime home invasion situation. For $200 it’s a no brainer. He is a professional that offers practical skills in a no nonsense manner. we put what we learned into practice. About 1400 I became so overloaded with information that I couldn't even remember whose turn it was to run the drill. terms”. If you carry and protect yourself and others with a knife… Suffice to say Chris is an outstanding instructor and you need to get to a class of his if available. MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. I highly recommend MDTS to anyone who wants to sharpen your skill set. I definitely take alot home at the end of the day, this level of training keeps me sharp in between classes. It reminds me in my own instruction to look for these signs of overload in my students and to pace the course accordingly. How to use the best angled attacks, targets and strategies that work for any kind of blade... How to stop a large man from taking your knife away and using it AGAINST YOU... How to end any fight in seconds with ONE SHOT – no matter who they are –How to maximize your attacks with a cool “double tap”. Defending yourself with a knife is brutal, grisly business. Chris and his team are a bunch of great guys, hands down. When I first became a gun owner in 2013 I didn't have any illusions about the need for training.At the same price point that other trainers offer. as often as possible. How to defend yourself when someone comes at you with a blade. Both days ended with a debrief and emphasis of key points. As someone who has over 20 years of military. Chris is definitely the best instructor I've trained with. I walked away with more knowledge than I had prior to taking the course and it really opened my eyes to the reality of how predators target their victims. and is a professional martial arts trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching the most effective self-defense moves in the world to S.W.A.T., police, military personnel and average citizens. you the tools to succeed. This important video will teach you the most critical things you need to know about using a knife for personal protection. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his instructors. classes for any skill level. I was extremely satisfied by the amount I learned and was able to take away to train on my own. fundamental skills, and then had students apply them in complex, decision based skills. So I will not be getting into too much detail here. How To Defend Yourself With A Knife? Despite what some may tell you a knife is not a “less lethal” weapon. Thank you Chris and the MDTS staff for a wonderful, safe, and highly informative Practical Pistol Low-light Skills class. This was powerful stuff. That's why this new knife stuff is so frigging impressive. experience with knives entering the course, but left feeling much more prepared and knowledgable. From the first time shooter to experienced more experienced professionals it's always, an informative learning experience. Safety is #1 in his classes and he also makes them enjoyable. This was my first time training and I went into it with an open mind and willingness to hear. His perspective is relatable and he is able to make it. Look for a weapon. I highly recommend this training to anyone who owns a pistol. admit that Chris is at the very top of that list. worthwhile. your skill level, MDTS provides a great learning experience. Get to one as soon as you can. My recommendation is to take his. I feel so much more comfortable about handling my pistols and learned a lot about carrying and overall safety. I saw Chris carrying a "clinch pick" mounted just below horizontal at about 10-11 O'Clock during one of the breaks. Go train! Not just at the range but in a real life event. Throughout the rest of the day Chris and E.J. thorough and specific. Chris is very down to earth and approachable as are all the other instructors. I will attending his Practical Skills 2 course in Sept. and I am looking very forward to it. I have been training and teaching self defense for 25 year and running a full time school for 16 of them and I have a HUGE appreciation for how Chris layers the concepts and skills in his class. I highly recommend Chris Fry and MDTS for your training needs. I would highly recommend any and all of his courses. We wanted to make sure that everything in this video was easy to use for even smaller people going up against much bigger and stronger attackers. This course will teach you exactly WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW to direct your knife attacks in the most effective way possible so that you can take that threat out fast. New addition to my EDC, easily accessed and deployed with either hand. A knife is a penetration and cutting tool creating both physical and psychological trauma. Plus knives are perfect for women, older kids, and anytime you're attacked by a threat who is bigger, stronger or more numerous than you are! The knife is arguably the most underrated weapon in the world.Cheap, easy to carry, and available everywhere, the knife never jams or runs out of ammo.In trained hands, the knife can deliver shots that caninstantly incapacitate an attacker.Even if you carry a gun, this is theultimate backup weaponyou need to master! In fact, we took the time to handpick only the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE combat knife tactics out there and CRAMMED THEM in to this SHORT easy to follow course. I'll admit, sometimes the reality of not performing well under stress can be humbling, but the only failure would be to not apply those lessons towards your future training and preparedness! Everything he teaches I teach in my classes. Chris' knowledge, experience, and passion for teaching is obvious in how he conducts his class. Filipino Grip – Like the saber, except with your thumb on the spine of the knife back. is one of my go-to places to keep my skills and knowledge sharp. I've been training with Chris for 10 years. This may sound like a lot but you simply must go to an MDTS class to understand how effectively these programs are executed. 3. He is very knowledgable and teaches you in a way that you can understand. You can learn to carry knives safely and legally, as well as how to defend yourself properly against potential attacks.

how to defend yourself with a knife

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