To have a heated and lasting argument takes two people who stubbornly desire to be right, ... Stop and reflect. Fights in relationships are inevitable, but you shouldn't let them get heated enough to say cruel things. Posted Sep 10, 2012 Do not be sarcastic or caustic with your humor. 1. If you or your friend are getting really worked up over the conflict between your two friends, try to make a joke of the situation. 10 Tips to Help Avoid Ugly Arguments If done correctly, a fight can be a pathway to growth and problem solving. If you’re of a certain age, you’ve likely run into a friendship problem that seems more grade school than grown up: Two friends in your inner circle get into some petty argument that becomes long-standing, and inevitably you’re dragged into the middle. Don't try to stop a fight between two friends if it is a serious fight - you may end up losing both friends if you try to stop the fight. Find out how one word can stop an argument. Fighting with friends is hard. Rather, employ some self-deprecation and a congenial tone to reevaluate the situation you and your two friends are in. Meditate and to become calm and centered before further reacting. Go for a walk. Arguing well, and learning to keep arguments from blowing up into something bigger, is a good skill to learn for any relationship — whether it be romantic, with friends, or at work. 1. Counting to ten: "When a friend does something that really upsets me or hurts my feelings, I first count to 10 to see if it's still bothering me.

how to stop an argument between two friends

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