How to Set Up Family Sharing for iCloud Storage. I've been long overdue in setting this up myself so I followed iMore's amazing guide on how to setup Family Sharing … To share iCloud storage, your iOS device should run iOS 11 or a higher version. We've touted the benefits of using Apple's Family Sharing because it's perfect for families of up to six people to share iCloud storage, music, photos, calendars, location and apps. Everyone in the Family Sharing circle can use the same iCloud account. Before You Start . ... iCloud Storage; Location sharing ... and Photos features will stop working. Recently a family member shared its iCloud storage with me. I contacted Apple support and they advised that all family members need to be using same Apple id for sharing to work (which for me defeats the purpose). Other questions for you to answer: Do you see that family member in family sharing? The Family Sharing option on iCloud is an innovative step towards sharing between all your Apple devices. Family Sharing is an Apple feature not nearly enough people are using. However, an issue (invalid invitation), does not let the family sharing option to work. Hopefully, you will come out of the problem. Im thinking of upgrading mine to 2TB tier and share storage with family. If not call Apple Support with the other parties present (physically or 3-way). How to Fix: iCloud Not Working on iPhone or Computer. I pay for four icloud accounts for four family members with four different Apple id. I used it to make a back up of my WhatsApp chats. But I am not sure whether the backup is saved on my own iCloud or on his. (Pocket-lint) - Apple's Family Sharing feature was first announced in 2014, and it is designed to make it easier for a family to share content, purchases and storage … Check iCloud Server System Status. Here's everything you need to know about how to use the iCloud Family Sharing. Family sharing option increases iCloud storage capacity which helps you with sharing and saving more files. Set up Family Sharing on iOS device. Below, we are going to cover methods to fix iCloud not working for both iPhone and Windows users. Because when I check how my storage is used on my own iCloud, it says that Whatsapp takes around 1,3GB. He upgraded to 200GB of iCloud storage and has about 20GB in his own Photos library. Apple sells up to 2TB of iCloud storage, which you can share with family members (or friends) as part of Apple's Family Sharing feature. Family Sharing isn't complicated to set up. A user needs to have a valid iCloud account in order to use Family Sharing, with OS X Yosemite or later required for Mac access. Now, iCloud is even more secure and quicker. Dont tell them that specifically, but what can happen is that iCloud may not be acknowledging the change, and its something they can do on their end. Is it only that family member? Thus, these are probable reasons why have reported that why is my iCloud not working. iCloud Storage. When you set-up an Apple ID, you automatically get an iCloud storage account. Method 1. He wants to be able to maintain essentially a family iCloud Photo Library. Your iCloud storage keeps all your valuable content safe, secure, and always available — even if you lose or replace a device.

icloud storage family sharing not working

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