I have been on the phone with Verizon troubleshooting 4 times, THEY even admitted they couldn't hear everything I was saying or it was muffled. Every time I speak with ANYONE, they are constantly saying, huh, what, I can't hear you, you sound muffled, you are goin g in/out. I had the use my insurance and get a replacement iPhone 6sBrand new phoneWhen I am talking on the phone, people say I sound muffled or in a tunnel. The phone is 3 years old. If the call is clear on handsfree but the problem persists with the phone in the case after Solution 1 has been carried out then it is 99% likely to be Solution 2 to fix the problem. My issue is that when people call me 95% of the time, or sometimes when i call them 35-50% of the time, they can't hear me, or i … Iphone 7+ Calls are muffled I have had my 7+ for over a year now. We may just have a few solutions for you. Your iPhone 7/ 7+ is giving you a headache with that disturbed, hollow sound behaviour while taking a call. Also the main speaker sits on top of it … Question: Q: IPhone 7 plus muffled to others I was talking to my friend over the phone with no problems and he said it started to sound like wind or … The part for and Iphone 6s has the mic the lightning port and the headset jack all on the same cable. Answered! When I make a call my voice sounds muffled, the receiver cannot hear/understand what I am saying. If the call is muffled on handsfree then we suggest this is a carrier or hardware issue with your device. I literally got this phone, brand new, iPhone 7 plus 5 days ago. So it sounds like the new dock they put in your phone has a faulty mic.

iphone 7 sounds muffled to others when i call

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