There is a party going on and the one throwing it is Dr. Childs. Azazel was sent from this realm on a mission, the details of which are sketchy. He helps Storm save the children and stop Stryker's Cerebro at the Alkali Lake facility and joins the team at the end, saving Charles when Stryker's Cerebro was destroyed. Suddenly, they heard a sound from the locker. Kurt calls Storm and tells her what happened. The mayor tells Kurt about the disturbances and asks him to go in the subway and check it out. He has 3 fingers on each hand and 2 toes of abnormal size on each foot, pointed ears and fang-like canines. One of Azazel’s opulent manors was stormed by a coordinated attack from Black Tom and the Hand. The X-Men are then again attacked by William Striker. When the X-Men attempted on retrieving the stolen power circuit from the Brotherhood, Kurt was blocked by Blob. Kurt Wagner As the years went by, Kurt took a more active role in the Azazel. Kitty apologizes to him for misjudging him. Kurt Wagner was born with certain unusual physical characteristics, Margali Szardos, a sorceress and gypsy queen, allegedly found Wagner an hour after his birth in a bath, in a small roadside shelter in the Alps. Later on, in Nevada, during the confrontation between Bastion and a multi-powered Rogue, Bastion ends up gravely injuring Rogue and moves in to kill Hope Summers. Mutant Abilities: Advanced agility, reflexes, and balance. His fun-loving nature can sometimes get Kurt into trouble. From the moment he could walk, Azazel trained him to fight and defend himself. Margali took him in and raised him along with her real children Stefan and Jimaine (later known as Amanda Sefton) at the Bavarian circus. It was Nightcrawler who is safe yet exhausted. When the dust settled, Azazel was gone. It has been hinted that his physiology may make travel less physically stressful. The X-men, including his sister, came to his rescue and were able to overcome Black Tom. team. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #11 - ...And Dust to Dust! Kurt's teleportation range is limited, but he can travel up to two miles. Occupation: Former mercenary, adventurer, and student. It's still there but it is engulfed by flames. Personal life. His mother was the terrorist Mystique, who at the time was the wife of Baron Christian Wagner, believed to be the father of Nightcrawler for a long time. John is heard suggesting "Kurt" as a potential name for the child. Just in time, Amanda comes in and destroys all the demons and zombies. Nightcrawler was controlled by Colonel William Stryker to assassinate the President. The opening scenes of the movie are almost a showcase of Nightcrawler's powers, with him versus the Secret Service, defeating them in a memorable fashion. He wears a red floating toga, and red and white fingerless gloves on his hands and feet. He trained and managed soldiers, killers, and assassins within a secretive underworld. Connecting strongly with others such as Rogue and Amanda helped nurture a compassion that became vital for someone with his appearance and history. Nightcrawler is one of the non playable X-Men characters in the game. Xavier then takes a team of X-Men, including Kurt, to go into space and after Vulcan. However, Dust warned him about the true intentions of Magneto for creating Genosha, Nightcrawler became more curious and discovered Magneto's real intention. For example, while playing around with a machine he discovered in an abandonded lab, he was caught in the "Middleverse" created by a student named Forge, who was himself trapped in this pocket dimension. Mystique had a relationship with a wealthy baron who believed that Mystique is human (Mystique disguises with her shape shifting abilities.) The X-Men have received a threat from a cyborg. Kurt becomes a valued member of the X-Men and has gone on many missions since joining the team. Kurt had amazing agility and soon his mutant abilities would manifest. This and the destruction of the Island nation known as Genosha, with thousands of mutants laying dead, brought on a darker era for the X-Men, including Kurt. He was beaten to death or near death by the mob when he was confronted by Mephisto who lead him to believe that Nightcrawler will always be feared because he is a demon. He sees him working in the mines where that subway is. He went to Xavier Institute and was interviewed by Jean and Scott. It was hinted several times in the episode Battle Lines that Kurt and Pryde resumed their close friendship. When the X-Men finally rescue him, he is unable to talk. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other When a millionaire circus owner from Texas approached them join his circus, he planned to move the circus to America and demanded that Kurt be in the freak show. Mystique with the help of Toad then spied on the facility. Talking to another soul in heaven, Kurt revealed that he felt like there was another chapter of his life still to be written. The city wants to talk with someone who has been at the incident. Nightcrawler does not appear in the game (given that it is a prequel), but he is alluded to. It is only known he was certainly more than human. However, Kurt Wagner and Dazzler his presumed girlfriend both pass away during Magneto's Ultimate Wave, which hits New York in the face, in Ultimatum issue 98. Nightcrawler is one of the main characters in the X-Men arcade game from Konami. Even so, he was usually a light-hearted character, quick to make jest or pull pranks on his fellow X-Men. But when he arrived , he was beaten by Mystique taking the form of his fellow comrade, Wolverine. Kurt has shining yellow eyes without pupils, dark indigo skin/hair and a pointed tail. any Comic Vine content. He lived a quiet life on the Sefton farm for over three years, keeping in touch with his mother and sister sparingly. Kurt was an X-Man who was often misjudged because of his inhuman appearance. He then says Dr. Childs came in and asked him questions.

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