Have them list things that they would call good. This is because Jacob had favored Joseph more than any of his other children. Genesis 50 – The Burial of Jacob; the Death of Joseph A. Jacob is buried in Canaan. There are many lessons that can be learned from looking at the lives of various biblical characters. Remind students that Jacob died after giving blessings to his sons and their families (see Genesis 49). So, one day when the Pharaoh had a dream, Joseph was called to interpret the dream. Explain that we like to think that we are good because we keep some of God’s laws (most of us aren’t murderers for example), but that the Bible is clear in teaching us that there is no one who is good. Even now during pandemic, the Lord has been showing His goodness and care for us. Be careful not to be too prescriptive in assigning specific applications for students. “I have discovered one thing that most [happy families] have in common: they have a way of forgiving and forgetting the imperfections of others and of looking for the good. Explain that in verse 31 the phrase “the fruit of thy loins shall write” refers to a record written by descendants of Joseph of Egypt. Reply. Children fighting with one another, even in the best of homes, can be bad enough. Explain that the Lord promised Joseph that Moses would deliver his descendants from Egyptian bondage (see Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 50:24 [in the Bible appendix]). (You may want to explain that the word requite in verse 15 means to repay or retaliate. (Lehi and his family could be one fulfillment of this prophecy; see also Genesis 49:22.). Start out by telling the kids that this week’s attribute is probably one of the easiest truths about God that we’re going to learn this year and that is the truth that God is, Then have the group read this week’s memory verse (, Tell the kids that you want to tell them a story from the Bible that explains what it means that God is. Invite a few students to share their responses with the class. )” (“My Servant Joseph,” Ensign, May 1992, 39). After students respond, consider inviting them to write the following truth in the margin of their scriptures near Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 50:31: The Book of Mormon and Bible bring peace, truth, and a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Summary of passage: With Jacob dead, Joseph’s brothers once again became afraid of retribution from Joseph for what they did to him. Since motions & actions help kids remember, choose an action for GOOD. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith. Three mean-looking guys on motorcycles pulled into a truck stop cafe where a truck driver, a little guy, was sitting at the counter, quietly eating his lunch. ), After Jacob’s death, what were Joseph’s brothers concerned about? Then hold up a copy of the Book of Mormon and a Bible.). God is With Us (Exodus 25-40) Lesson #41 in What is God Like? They lied (again), saying Jacob told Joseph to forgive them before he died. Why not start where the Bible starts. Based on what you have learned about Joseph’s life, why do you think he said he would die with joy? Jacob knew he would probably die in Egypt, but he believed God's promise that he would be buried in Canaan, Joseph did the right thing by asking permission to bury his father in Canaan. Ask the class to follow along, looking for what Joseph’s brothers worried about after their father died. Invite a student to read Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 50:28–29, 32–33 (in the Bible appendix) aloud. Tell the kids that you want to tell them a story from the Bible that explains what it means that God is good. Ask the class to follow along, looking for Joseph’s response to his brothers’ concerns. Invite students to ponder and then respond to the questions on the board. Have the kids stand up and say the attributes of God and do the motions. Prior to Joseph’s death, he prophesied of Moses and Joseph Smith and their future dealings with his descendants. Encourage them to write the word good somewhere on the paper and then write or draw something to help them remember this attribute of God. Ask the class to listen for what President Uchtdorf said could help families live in peace.

lessons from genesis 50

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