The most significant feature on the product is the dual elements feature. Looking for the Tabletop Electric Grill? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. What’s the Best Red Electric Grill for Your Cooking Style? See our review with product details. You can also easily adjust these racks according to your liking and ease. Once it senses this, it automatically tunes itself accordingly in order to make for a better and convenient experience. What’s the Best Large Outdoor Electric Grill? You can easily cook and smoke meat, vegetables, cheese or whatever you wish on these racks. The Smoke Hollow 40-Inch Digital Electric Smoker also includes a bright LED light inside the smoking area. These cookies do not store any personal information. Oh well their loss. After I got the unit set it up for the "seasoning smoke" AKA 1st use. The stainless steel is plated with chromium plating which makes it presentable and adds a particular shine or luster to the smoker. Both are below: The manufacturer commented on the review below, Reviewed in the United States on June 21, 2019, The manufacturer commented on this review. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Set up wasn't hard for me but only because I have a lot of tools in my shop. The dual elements feature allows you to use two different sources of smoke and heat. the angle at which most bolts/screws go in could make this a difficult job if you don't have the right attachments. You will definitely benefit from this as you won’t have to worry about the smoke or heat leaving the smoker. The most premium product on our list of top picks is definitely the Masterbuilt MES 130P. 7 Choices, What is the Best Infrared Electric Grill? Masterbuilt provides a comprehensive and user-friendly Bluetooth-enabled application with this product. 15 minutes in shut down on over-temp. Hi K.W. The smoking action provided by the Masterbuilt MES 440S is top notch as it uses a 1200W heating element to generate smoke. However, it's fairly safe to say that Masterbuilt Propane Smoker is a more popular meat smoker, based on its reviews… The application is available on the website of the manufacturer as well as on the online application stores of several devices and platforms. It is made completely from industrial grade stainless steel. These are made from stainless steel and then coated with chromium in order to provide luster as well as non-stick features. Avoid the New Masterbuilt Models - Not Ready for Prime Time, Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2019. On top of that, I tried to use the smoker, for the second time, and it says "Er r2". FYI the display will show 499 on the lock out, before the error message. This was far worse than my initial concern which is still a concern that the product says it comes with wheels for easy moving but the wheels were not in the packaging. What makes this electric smoker one of the best Bluetooth electric smokers is the fact that it contains many features which makes it convenient. Masterbuilt Electric vs Bradley Smoker. reps. I only gave it four stars because the bluetooth controls do not work very well. After about 3 months, Masterbuilt has not honored sending the replacement parts, which I was told would be a few weeks. We would love to look into your order status and trouble-shoot with you for the error code you are receiving. The second one had a couple of large dents in the door but Amazon offered a small credit if I would accept it. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. This light can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth on an app on any smartphone or tablet. The racks are detachable and they can be arranged or removed in any kind of arrangement. Replace with a complete product that is not damaged!!!! So we unplugged it and turned it back on and it wouldn’t heat up. The Masterbuilt MES 340G Bluetooth Electric Smoker is definitely one of the best Bluetooth electric smokers available on the market. So, What’s the Best Electric Grill for Hamburger Lovers, What the Best Electric Grill for My Steak, Breakfast Lover? The smoking action provided by the Masterbuilt MES 440S is top notch as it uses a 1200W heating element to generate smoke. Your email address will not be published. The heating element is of 1300 Watts. On the phone they put you in the CUE if you want, meaning they'll call you back as soon as a phone rep. is free. No users have complained about Bradley’s operation, but most have said the Masterbuilt is just as useful and powerful. The Masterbuilt MES 130P offers a grill and finishing element. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Please contact us at so that we can make sure you are taken care of. I got the rotisserie, side shelf, and extra gauge and they all work flawlessly. Here are The Best Wells Charbroilers to Create Tasty Meals in 2020, Best Vollrath Charbroilers for Your Everyday Cooking Use in 2020, Which is The Best Garland Charbroiler for My Cooking Needs in 2020, Choosing the Best Electric Grill and Smoker, Choosing the Best Electric Charcoal Grill. What are The Best Residential Charbroilers for Cooking in 2020? You cannot move too far from the smoker (6 to 8 feet) or the connection will drop. Master the art of smoking with the Masterbuilt Adventure Series MES 440G digital electric smoker. This is another version similar to the one just above. The only difference is in the dimensions which you can read from the title, this is a Masterbuilt smoker 30-inch model while the last one was Masterbuilt … This smoker has tons of convenient cooking features and a large cooking area which features innovation both a novice and a pro will appreciate. I bought this smoker becuase its big and it looks nice, but i,m not a happy smoker right now, i buy nice things and take care of them so i can enjoy them for a long time, but when you buy something at this price point and unboxed it to find out its damaged its just bursts yoir happy bubble all to hel! I live where it's very cold and have used this in temperatures ranging from 75 down to 15 degrees F. Temperature fluctuates a bit and sometimes I have to raise the setting 5 or so degrees so that it will steady where I want it.

masterbuilt mes 440s review

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