Microabrasion Microabrasion is simple, economical method ofgently removing superficial brown and white spots from your teeth permanently. Bleaching is a minimally interventionist means of improving the brightness of vital and non-vital teeth. Microabrasion is a quick and painless solution for removing yellow, white, or brown spots, stains, and discolorations on the teeth. Enamel Microabrasion + Teeth Whitening. before after Microabrasion is a useful (often adjunctive) technique for removing localised enamel discoloration from anterior teeth. Before. Before. Bleaching and Microabrasion Aim . The microabrasion materials are then gently rubbed onto the surface of the tooth either manually or using a very slow speed rubber cup. By using certain chemicals, this treatment gets rid of unwanted stains mechanically. Microabrasion procedure uses hydrochloric acid and pumice to gently remove thin layers of tooth enamel, removing the stains. When used in conjunction with bleaching, the results can be stunning! This beautiful young girl had teeth which developed with mottled enamel. This process may be performed repeatedly until … After. No shots, one visit, painless. After. Microabrasion is a common and safe cosmetic dentistry treatment that is used all over the world for treating stains and spots on teeth. After a few layers of enamel are removed, the mixture is rinsed from the teeth and the results evaluated. With the use of mircoabrasion in combination with whitening we were able to give her a beautiful smile. Similar to teeth whitening methods, microabrasion helps people in getting rid of the marks, spots on their teeth.

microabrasion teeth before and after

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