web interface by It is used in railroad ties, ship-building, and high-grade construction where strength and durability is necessary. Molave can grow up to 30 meters and its wood is one of the hardest. – In Southeast Asia, used for stomatitis, anorexia, blindness, leprosy, worm infestation, rheumatic swellings. This species is known to be native to the Philippines as well as in Sulawesi, Timor, Moluccas, and Java. • Anti-Inflammatory / Antioxidant / Phytochemicals: Study of ethyl acetate extracts of leaves of VA yielded a new tetrahydrofuranoid lignan, altissinone and a new acylated flavone C-glucoside. both leaf extracts were found to possess significant wound healing potency. – Considered carminative, anthelmintic, digestive. – Wood: Known in the Philippines for its extremely hard wood. – Bark, root, and fruit all contain hydrocyanic acid and saponin. Molave is a tree that reaches a height of 8 to 15 meters, smooth or nearly so, with inflorescences that may be slightly hairy. • Antibacterial: Study of leaf extract showed moderate activity against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. With its scientific name vitex parviflora, this plant is also known as the “Peacock chaste tree” and “Small-flower chaste tree” in English. Tea tree oil gets its range of therapeutic benefits from its many powerful medicinal properties which include the following: Here’s one commercial preparation made by traditional medicinals. Fruit is rounded, 5 to 6 millimeters in diameter. – Wood takes on a yellowish-green or greenish brown tint when boiled in water – In Kerala State of India, bark and wood decoction of Terminalia catappa and V altissima used for bathing women after childbirth. October 2008, Vol 40, Supplement 2, (6) Antimutagenic Terpenes and Sterol from Vitex parviflora / Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Esther Samantha C. Javier and Irene G. Tan / Philippine Journal of Science, 132 (1): 21-25, June 2003, (7) Anti-ulcer Activities and Gastro Protective Effects of Bauhinia Purprea, Dolichos lablab, and Vitex parviflora / Janel Khristine Marie Tarin / News, (9) The Antipasmodic Activity of Molave Tree (Vitex Parviflora) Bark Extract in Albino Mice / Georgette Mae P. Dineros, Jone Zelita C. Orlina, Anna Dominique G. Humbe IV- Analysts Andromeda / Research Paper / Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial Dumaguete Science High School, SY 2012-2013. How Gmelina is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Flowers are blue, numerous, 6 to 8 millimeters long, hairy outside the corolla, borne on terminal, paniculate and ample inflorescences, up to 20 centimeters in length. Richard Morris. Indian Tree 6. Duhat 19. Last update on 2019-06-13: Now containing 11906 plants. Others The early fourth instar larvae of Culex quinquefasciatus was used for the larvicidal assay. Molave is a tree that reaches a height of 8 to 15 meters, smooth or nearly so, with inflorescences that may be slightly hairy. Properties • Iridoid Glucosides / Antioxidant: Study yielded six new iridoid glucosides together with two known iridoids, agnuside and negundoside, from the ethyl acetate extractive of the leaves of V altissima. Mango 20. – Fish poison: Fruit and bark used as fish poison in the Philippines. Star Apple 6. Santol 21. Folkloric Bead Tree, Chinaberry, China Tree, Persian Lilac, Pride of India, Maha Neem, Bakain, Bakarja, Bakayan, Betain, Deikna, Drek, Azad-darakht and Bakaen are the few synonyms for the tree Melia azedarach. • Antispasmodic / Bark: Study evaluated a crude bark extract for antidiarrheal effect of V. parviflora as alternative remedy for diarrhea in albino mice. The database and code is licensed under a • Wound Healing: Study was done on the wound healing property of ethanol leaf extracts of V. trifolia and V latissima. Leaflets are three, stalked, ovate to lanceolate, 7 to 18 centimeters long, pointed at the tip, shining and quite smooth. Rubber Tree 14. Vitex parviflora is a species of plant in the family Verbenaceae, also known as smallflower chastetree or the molave tree.It is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.It is threatened by habitat loss.The name "molave" is from Spanish, derived from Tagalog mulawin.It is … Pomelo 24. Fire Tree 7. Distribution is a plant belonging to the family Verbenaceae.It is a close relative of the five-leaved chaste tree or lagundi (Vitex negundo).Also called molawin and tugas, it is a medium- to large-sized, drought-tolerant, hardwood tree which is … Prod., 2004, 67 (12), pp 2012–2016 / DOI: 10.1021/np040117r, (2) Differential larvicidal efficacy of four species of Vitex against Culex quinquefasciatus larvae / Krishnan Kannathasan, Annadurai Senthilkumar et al / Parasitology Research, Volume 101, Number 6 / November, 2007 / DOI 10.1007/s00436-007-0714-5, (3) Comparative evaluation of wound healing potency of Vitex trifolia L. and Vitex altissima L. / B K Manjunatha, S M Vidya et al / Phytotherapy Research, Volume 21 Issue 5, Pages 457 – 461 / Published Online: 30 Jan 2007, (4) Flavonoids, triterpenoids and a lignan from Vitex altissima / Chenchugari Sridhar et al / Phytochemistry, Volume 66, Issue 14, July 2005, Pages 1707-1712 Structure Elucidation, Reports on Structure Elucidation / doi:10.1016/j.phytochem.2005.05.008 |, (5) Anti-inflammatory activity of leaf extracts of Vitex altissima / Anusha, Shareen Taj, Sudha Vani et al / Indian J Pharmacol. The Literary Interpretation Of Like The Molave: By: Rosie Normanton The main interpretation of the Filipino poem Like the Molave is one regarding how the people of the Philippines must work to make the nation stronger Molave trees should also be a viable alternative for tree planting and agroforestry. – Native to the Philippines. Molave has been suggested for shelterbelts and already planted in reforestation projects in the Philippines. The extract exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity in the rat paw edema model. Compounds 2 – 4 showed potent antioxidant activity by free radical scavenging and DPPH radical scavenging methods. Ipil-ipil 13. – Decoction or infusion of wood considered a remedy for poisons, as it induces vomiting. On comparison with control group. Palm Tree 12. – Also native to Sulawesi, Timor, and the Moluccas. With its long life span, versatile uses, and resistance to rotting, it should likewise be an ideal choice for carbon sequestration to mitigate global warming. The flavonoids and triterpene acids showed moderate antioxidant and 5-lipooxygenase inhibitory activities.

molave tree benefits

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