Cazden et al. This paper examines the changing landscape of literacy teaching and learning, revisiting the case for a “pedagogy of multiliteracies” first put by the New London Group in 1996. Using Multiliteracies and Multimodalities to Support Young Children's Learning ... us to engage with the real world complexity of young children’s learning and offers a series of rich and detailed examples of this in practice.' The New London Group1 first came together in the mid nineties to consider the state and future of literacy pedagogy. ), Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures (pp. It is important that pedagogical practices are revised in order to provide students with a more globalised education (Cope & Kalantzis, 2008). Peer Review: Teaching practice wihtin a multiliteracies pedagogy With the advent of new technology, education practices need to reflect the way in which society operates within an increasingly digitalised world (Mills, 2008). In B. Constance Lavoie et al., “Multiliteracies Pedagogy in Language Teaching: An Example from an Innu Community in Quebec,” Canadian Journal of Native Education, 35(1)(2012):194-224). Multiliteracies pedagogy also focuses so strongly on design. For all their weaknesses, such arguments can still influence members of the public, most of whom do not have direct knowledge of the topic of multiliteracies from their own years at school. Canadian Journal of Education, 33(2), 407-431. Cope & M. Kalantzis (Eds. 9-38). question of what constitutes appropriate literacy pedagogy for our times. In the media, the teaching of multiliteracies is often trivialised and caricatured: portrayed, for example, as the study of SMS text messaging in place of the plays of Shakespeare. Multiliteracies, pedagogy and identities: Teacher and student voices from a Toronto elementary school. It ends with an overview of recent work in the field and provides some examples of attempts to translate the Multiliteracies ideas into educational practice. “A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Designing Social Futures,” (60-92). South Yarra: MacMillan. By co-creating students not only design their multimodal projects, but they are also a part of the design of the success criteria and the expectations. A pedagogy of Multiliteracies designing social futures. Cazden et al.

multiliteracies pedagogy examples

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