At a press event, Sheikh Mohammed announced that it won’t just showcase prototypes, but will also develop them in special innovation labs — fulfilling its official motto, “See the Future, Create the Future.” The museum’s staff and volunteers believe that by understanding how we treated the poor in the past, we may learn to end poverty soon. (free e-book, 2013) Selected toolkits, games, and other downloads However, because our exhibitions and labs are Recently I was invited to an enjoyable tour of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg. The primary inspiration of the Museum of The Future was to create a form that represents the client’s vision of the future, where the physical building represents and contains within its exhibition floors, our understanding of the “future” as we know it today and for the next 5 to 10 years. The corona pandemic poses enormous challenges for our society. The tour guide told her story, while we fell in awe with the museum’s unbelievable collection. Dubai’s new Museum of the Future, however, takes a groundbreaking approach to architecture and what it means to be a museum. Museum of the Future is located near the high-profile Emirates Towers on Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, and is acknowledged as "an architectural masterpiece that will enhance Dubai's urban landscape and become a destination for tourists, visitors, and residents to learn about future technologies that will become a part of all aspects of life", the WAM news report continued. While there are certainly taller and more expansive buildings, this incredible feat of design, engineering, and construction will rank as one of the most complicated projects ever built. The future of museums is about attitude – Jasper Visser, Sharing is Caring Anthology, pp.212-220 (2014) Perspectives on digital engagement with culture and heritage – Jasper Visser, AASLH History News, Volume 68 #3, (2013) Digital engagement in culture, heritage and the arts. The museum of the future will also have to be more resourceful. The museum of the future is a seven-story building and the calligraphic cut-outs ensures that no two fiberglass panels are the same. In order to prevent a renewed exponential spread of the Covid 19 virus, we are all required to observe a number of hygiene measures. The museum is meant to be much more than a pretty addition to Dubai’s architectural patrimony, though. Each one of the 1,024 panels are custom molded and manufactured before a stainless-steel finish and glazing are applied – a very labor-intensive process since only six panels a day are done. Even in a city building as quickly, and as much, as Dubai, the Museum of the Future is known as one of the most challenging construction projects ever attempted. The Ars Electronica Center is closed until further notice.

museum of the future

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