A well-lit booth will save time and money, since a painter can avoid the rework he usually has to do when he can’t get a proper color match. This process is automatic. Poor lighting means paint colors on one panel look different from other panels when they are brought into natural light. globalfinishing.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. These types of lamps include inside-access and corner paint booth light fixtures, as well as general-purpose light fixtures. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. LDPI Paint Booth Light Fixture - Inside Access. A spray paint booth requires special lighting that keeps out dust and fumes to maintain a safe booth. These lights are available in both fluorescent and LED. Call 1-800-741-3051. If a different foot-candle is desired, light quantity, placement and size should be adjusted. We offer the most popular inside and rear access Class 1 Division 2 paint booth lights. With 50,000 hours life, you could work 24/hours a day for almost 6 years without having to change out your lights. LDPI 4 Lamp 4ft Slim Light LED Paint Booth Lighting - Rear Access. 16 lbs. Low CRI LED's can't render color like a 95 CRI light can. Without consistent lighting, there tends to be shadows in the booth and on the item being painted. Easy integration: LED lamps can usually be easily integrated into any new or existing equipment, without having to replace the fixtures. They can be installed and retro fitted into you’re existing booth, paint mixing room, prep station & many other pieces of finishing equipment. SKU: #LDPI-390 • Takes 48-inch bulbs Some fluorescent light fixtures may not be worthy and yes, there are times a complete fixture change-out is needed, but most likely your existing fixtures look fine in comparison to the above fixtures. LED lights are the latest technology in energy savings that’s why we have added them to our growing solution of booth lighting. A clear tempered lens on the light fixture allows for clearer, more accurate lighting. 2′ x 4′. Many local electrical companies as well as state and local government have REBATES available on energy saving technology. SKU: #1807477 • 5000K LEDs • 40%+ energy savings vs F32 T8 fluorescent lamps • Piano hinge rear access. 5. Paintboothlights.com is proud to offer the Latest in Paint Booth Lights! 7/16″ Thick. Often times, lighting is not given priority and can result in redos which are costly in labor, lost booth time, material, and, more importantly, keeping a … GFS also offers a full line of replacement light fixtures, bulbs and parts for all makes and models of finishing equipment. Get the best fixture for your needs with LED. Sustainable. We now offer energy efficient LED paint booth lights, let us upgrade you today with our fluorescent and incandescent style fixtures that have a bulb life of 50,000 hours. If … The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. When considering what goes into a quality paint job, we often think of the quality of the prep job, airflow and filtration in the booth, skill of the painter and more. See every flaw, and provide perfect paint jobs with accurate color matching by converting your fluorescent or metal halide fixtures in your paint booth and prep area to our color accurate and brighter LED fixtures. If there is something that you are looking for and "can't find, please" give one of our paint booth lighting specialists a call today! Buy Now. We offer quantity discounts on your purchase so just give us a call and speak to a lighting specialist today, and we will help get you and your facility’s lighting and booth back up to code. No bulbs to buy … LE484 Series: Class I, Div 2 Booth Fixture w/60 Degree TIR Optic Light Fixture, LE484 Series: Class I, Div 2 Booth Fixture w/Diffused Optic Light Fixture, LEXS Series: 4 Foot Explosion Proof LED 80W 5K Diffused Light Fixture, LEXS Series: 2 Foot Explosion Proof LED 40W 5K Diffused Light Fixture, 4 Foot 6 Lamp Rear Access Paint Booth Light Fixture, 379i Series Wet / Damp Location 4 Foot 4 Lamp, Blast Booth Replacement Lens Cover for 4 Lamp Fixture, Blast Booth Light Cover Kit - 4 Lamp Fixture. Shop interior access recessed lighting, T8 light bulbs, LED panels and clear glass panes. Lighting is one of the most important features of any paint booth. Complete spray booth solutions available from America's leading manufacturer of quality industrial paint booths for all industrial coating and spray applications. Replace those old fixtures today! LED Flat Panel, Energy Efficient Light Fixtures for Paint Booths Upgrade your paint booth with our energy-efficient LED flat panel lights. We have some of the best pricing on LED and T-8 fixtures in the market place today. This will in many cases help you offset the cost of the upgrade to LED Booth Lights. Upgrade your paint booth with LED paint booth lighting. Clear Tempered Lens. The industry standard for a paint booth is 100 to 150 foot-candles at a 3-foot height. If you are looking to upgrade your paint booth, powder booth or paint mixing room, we can help. Paint Booth Lighting for Better Quality Paint Jobs Posted By: Global Finishing Solutions. The ability to SEE your workpiece clearly makes a difference for any artisen. Retrofitting is as simple as changing out the tubes; no rewiring is required, because the LED tubes use the existing electronics. 5000K Color Temp mimics sunlight, where the vehicles will be seen the most. 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