Ceiling Fan. Accessory. Panasonic since 1958. ... Air Conditioner (2019/2020) > Fan > Air Purifier > Home Appliances. Panasonic designs its air conditioners to work quietly in the background, without making their presence known. ... Wall Mounted Air Conditioner. Pansonic’s gas-driven VRF Systems are ideal for projects where power restrictions apply. At Panasonic, we believe that the best air conditioner is one that works quietly and effectively in the background whilst minimising its impact on the environment. People who use our products can look forward to long years of 2016 New VRF Systems ECOi EX with extraordinary energy-saving performance. Multi-Split Air Conditioners 2016/2017 FSBRAC-R410A-M-16 Panasonic Appliances Air Conditioning System Engineering Malaysia (PAPASEMY) Unit T2-L08-1B, Level 8, Tower 2, Jaya33, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 13, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Air Purifier. Search here. Main menu. Panasonic introduces Aquarea, an Refrigerator > 2010 New Aquarea. 1975 Panasonic becomes the fi rst Japanese air conditioner manufacturer in Europe. nanoe™ Air Purifier. Browse our Online Product Catalog / Catalogue and see the full range of Panasonic products - technical specifications and product details. 2012 New GHP units.

panasonic air conditioner catalogue 2019 pdf

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