Or how about this one "In the horse the night before, Mom killed four keep a year of big fat chicken". Hahaha. Beatiful! Because this is a sample of what I get -. And I've got to tell you, Google Translator is of no help at all. Sign up here. I don't speak Cantonese either and I get this a lot "Eh, you not Chinese ah??" It didn't crack at all. Thanks, Vivian! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Remove cake from oven and leave to chill in fridge. Hah! I dont care messy ker tak messy, if give it to me semua gua boleh kasi hantam sampai licin...thanks for the laughter PH....haduii terubat penat akak ni... ooops sorry dear lupa nak tanya...tulang belakang you dah okay ker?msti selalu berhati2 ya...badan kita takder sparepart....semoga you cepat sehat dan boleh bekerja seperti biasa dgn happy dan boleh terus berkongsi resepi dgn kami di sini...:), Hi Kak Q! Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. I love the idea of this pandan cheesecake....great for change of flavour. But there are words and phrases that simply cannot be directly translated to English. No, I did not bake using the waterbath. Dennis Lau, Ah Lau Food King, Kampung Chicken Delivery, Takeaway Giant Bun Curry Prawns From Soo Har Yee Restaurant, Ipoh, Yen Can Cook ~ Fried Meehoon with Canned Stewed Pork (Kou Rou Meehoon), Yin Kee Fishball Noodles @ Jalan Pudu Ulu. 5. Thank you , Ann! I still have one more post for LTU tomorrow. In another bowl, whisk together oil, yolks, water, pandan extract, food coloring, and milk. Green is also my favourite color! This pandan cheese cake look so nice, must fully with pandan aroma. Forgot your password? Must be very fragrant with the coconut milk and pandan in this cheesecake. Easy! Glad I made you smile :). Hi Phong Hong, love the marble effect. Can share a slice with me, I go make coffee for you. Bring the syrup to a boil and remove from heat to cool. I want to save this recipe for St. Patrick's day!! But it pales in comparison with all your yummy desserts! My only disaster here is the cheesecake base. Google translate make me sakit perot ketawa. Add the knotted pandan leaf. Drizzle over the surface. Can i have a piece of your delicious looking cheese cake please, now that i am hungry after all the laughing? 10 Holiday Gifts to Show Small Businesses Some Big Love, Cranberry Sauce My 2 Favorite Recipes & Video, Serious Eats: The Destination for Delicious | Serious Eats, ! Pandan and santan is a great match. To prepare meringue, add sugar to egg whites a little at a time. Loved your marbling swirls. Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies (Ree Drummond), Cherry Cheesecake Shooters (Ree Drummond). Phong Hong, I just love the heavenly aroma of the pandan, and to make a creamy and totally droolworthy cheesecake with it...is so irresistibly super awesome! Hi Phong Hong,I always get a shock at the end of the month with LTU... Last minute got like 40-50 entries...pwoof! Blend on low with a hand mixer or stand mixer. Lovely texture cheesecake and beautiful marble swirl too. 6. Hah! (Can you speak Malay?). It turned out OK. And your marbling looks super cool!Thanks for linking! Barulah boleh lompat-lompat kat dapur :D. Hi, Phong Hong! I cant stop laughing ... your lao tze read your blog or not ? Cp, Hi Cp! But I guess, I can do it at other times too :), PH, i had a good laugh and that's because i can totally relate to it! I like the marble cheesecake top that you make, it was so lovely especially when it is green! Had to line with aluminum foil and baking paper. And love the marbled effect. but can speak cantonese perfectly..haha...if you want to learn cantonese, i teach you..hor bor? We are in the same boat!

pandan cheesecake recipe

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