Not the best time of year, then, for outdoor veg to be sown. Most seeds are somewhat asymmetrical and are not likely to be planted with the radicle end up during natural dispersion or planting but can be when planted by humans, either by mistake or lack of knowledge. Broad Beans - plant out pot grown plants late March Broccoli sprouting - sow seed in pots / seed bed late April early May depending on variety Winter Cabbage - sow seed mid to late May Broad Beans - begin to harvest early to mid June Broccoli sprouting - transplant to final position early July Winter Cabbage - transplant to final position late June / early July. Runner Beans . It is a lot more work, but I really like them this way! They’re versatile too – shell the pods for the beans, eat the immature pods whole or steam or stir-fry the leafy tops. Broad beans are simple to grow and one of the earliest crops for harvest in late spring. Actually, this a good reason to plant these with the kids and get them involved – – so that you have helpers when it comes to shelling the beans! Broad beans have an incredible capacity to withstand winter weather. It does not matter which way up you plant the seed, it will sort itself out. It is nature’s way of flushing out the old as she settles down for winter’s slumber. Broad beans would have to be one of my favourite vegetables to sow in late winter. I have been planting them in my green house they don't fail but I found the leaves growing downwards and the roots undecidedly confused I have to dig them out and set them the right way. They are a perfect replacement crop for your summer tomatoes because they will thrive in the same sunny position while replenishing the soil with nitrogen which the tomatoes have used up. Put in a warm place and germination should occur after a few days. I am planting my Broad beans indoors and always February because they were slow last year and the most disappointing and my garden is quite shady. If you live in a cold area, have heavy or waterlogged soil, or have a problem with mice (which love the seeds), then it’s a good idea to sow them in deep pots or modules. A simple and tasty preparation is to fry Broad Beans up with garlic and chilli to serve as a side dish. Broad beans grow during the cool seasons, so start planting anytime from March to June. Unless, that is, you happen to be a broad bean. Hardy down to an icy -10°C (14°F), these rugged members of the legume family are able to germinate at just 2°C (36°F). In fact, in my opinion, it's the best time to sow them. Broad beans are the hardiest of the bean family and can be planted out in March/April and also sown direct into the veg plot from late March /April onwards particularly in more sheltered gardens.

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