You will need a very sturdy stand for it. We have 8000 titles in the library and we add about 400 a year. All rights reserved. I love the headphone jack. And the for the price you get everything you need for a professionally quality mic. The RØDE Podcaster is a great mic for serious podcasters. Important information about purchasing from the US. You can view a current list of unauthorized US dealers here. A shock mount would make the whole thing look more impressive, but isn't really necessary for most applications. Plus, it seems to reject noise well, and doesn't get weird if the user moves around a little while speaking. This really is one of THE best microphones on the market. The feature where you are able to plug in directly to the mic to monitor sound is priceless. If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! For professional applications the optional PSM1 shock mount and PSA1 boom arm are highly recommended. You just have to remember to go into control panel or sys pref and set the mic input and sound output to the RØDE. 99 $20.98 $20.98. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X computers, as well as several Linux distributions. Setup - using on a Mac or PC, drivers load right in. Overall a great mic....definitely recommend it. It is also a convenient demo microphone for musicians and songwriters that prefer the convenience of a USB microphone but don't want to compromise sound quality. There is absolutely nothing bad about this mic, it records very clear with no background noise. Including an audiophile quality 18-bit resolution, 48kHz sampling A/D converter, the Podcaster processes all of the analogue-to-digital conversion internally, bypassing the computer's lower quality on-board sound controller altogether. 1 Year of warranty with extension of 9 years on registration on Rode website For service support or technical support write at Frequently bought together + + Total price: 36 363,00 ₹ Add all three to Cart. The Broadcaster features an internal pop filter, designed to minimise plosives sounds that can overload the microphone capsule and distort the audio output. What To Buy: Rode Podcaster or Blue Yeti? Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 12. The RØDE Broadcaster is a large diaphragm, end address condenser microphone specifically tailored for broadcast voice applications including radio and voice over for film and television. Since time is valuable, this is a wonderful find! Thirsty Merc - 20 Good Reasons - Piano Acoustic, Justin Bieber Exclusive: Freestyle Rap, Unreleased Tracks, Rode Broadcaster Condenser Microphone Review, RØDE University - On-Air Broadcast Microphones, From Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center, Click to find an authorised RØDE seller >>, JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer, -34.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (20.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, 1 year with free extension to 10 years following registration, Large diaphragm 1” gold-sputtered capsule, © 2020 RØDE Microphones. The Podcaster is perfect and was so easy to set up and use that I almost couldn't believe we had done it correctly . FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. This is perfect to compliment other Rode products! If you need a great sounding mic for narration or other voice-over work, and don't want to spend a lot of time with processors, then try this mic. I highly recommend this mic. (included) Item Weight: 0.15 Pounds: About this item Provides additional protection for the … Once I started using it I was just as impressed with the quality of the sound coming out of it. My Podcaster will not work in a certain software package but works fine in other audio applications? Sound - very happy with the sound, but like other reviews, I found you need to get close to the mic.....sometimes I get too close. Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop Filter Mask Shield For Blue Yeti and Any Other Microphone, Mic Dual … Rode Broadcaster Studio Condenser Microphone: Electronics. Originally I purchased the Blue Yeti Mic. Check our website to make sure you’re purchasing from an authorized RØDE reseller. It has a nice rich sound that will be good for broadcast as well. CRYSTAL CLEAR... so much better than the smaller external mics I had been playing with! I use the RØDE Podcaster for voice over for documentaries. For quick reference NO FBA reseller (FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON) on Amazon is authorized. Its rich, full quality tailored response has an emphasised proximity effect that has made it a standard in radio stations the world over. If you are an amateur podcaster with home studio this is probably the best mic for you. In addition to the Broadcaster's native 20Hz-20kHz response, a selectable high-pass filter at 75Hz is available which will prevent low-end noise such as air conditioners and traffic from being recorded. I felt no need to muck around with any EQ after the fact. The RØDE Broadcaster microphone is designed and made in Australia, and covered by RØDE Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. $18 In Stock . This is without question the most important and useful tool in my audio kit, and I thank you for allowing me the freedom to spend time with my family as the days of having to dash into the booth at Seven or to rock into one of the affiliates studios when on holidays are gone. If you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is! Beware of counterfeit goods. Quality is exceptional. 4.8 out of 5 stars 530. $24. I've had to do a lot more tweaking for mics that cost many times more. The real time monitoring feature is very handy. I would recommend this mic. I got the mic about a month ago. The problem was that the Yeti was way to sensitive and would capture vibrations from my desk or the fans of my desktop. $19 In Stock . We did extensive trials on a number of mics. $19.99 $ 19. I've used this on a Rode PSA1 mic arm, along with a Rode NT1000 broadcast microphone. Did some research on USB mics for recording voice overs for software tutorials. YG performs "Toot It & Boot It" live on the radio for the first time! I use it with Garageband running on my Mac and it works spectacularly. Beware of counterfeit goods. I've used a ton of different mics over the years, and if money were no object, I would have purchased one of the Neumann broadcast models ... but since I was on a tight budget for a current project and needed something fast, I thought I'd give this one a shot, knowing it would at least be good enough for a decent recording that could be processed further. Combine the shock mount with the arm and for less than [AUD]$200 extra you're instantly transported from lonely hack in the spare bedroom to golden tonsils professional. Prime Cart. I’m onto my 3rd Podcaster and it’s the best thing that has happened to me in 35 years as announcer at the Seven network. First I was VERY impressed with the quality of construction. An excellent quality product as expected from RØDE. I've got roughly a dozen hours recored now and they're all going to be uploaded to the web soon - all sounding very professional! Or buy a Podcaster from one of our recommended online retailers in United states, 51 Online retailers selling the Podcaster. If you have a question or a support enquiry about the Broadcaster head over to our contact page to get in touch or locate your local distributor here, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. The Podcaster includes a sturdy RM2 microphone ring mount. I think an articulating arm gripped to a table would be better. It can also be used as an iPad microphone for the Apple iPad (in conjunction with the iPad Camera Connection Kit and a powered USB hub) to provide high quality recording to various iPad audio applications such as Garageband.

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