Even the shoots of young rambutan can be utilized as one of the ingredients in dyeing silk. The entire fruit cluster is cut from the branch by harvesters. The tree is medium to large-sized, about 15-25 meters high. All images and text are copyright protected. Capability building activities through training of workers and potential entrepreneurs were also conducted. Mango (National Fruit of the Philippines) Mango for us is the national fruit of the Philippines. The project team has purchased and installed the equipment needed for wine making. Another passion of Mr. Goyena’s has moved him to test the potential of rambutan and the result is very encouraging and indeed rewarding. The spiky bits are not at all hard nor prickly. To get free my journals: please enter your email address here, This is an additional post and one of a series highlighting, Subscribe to my free newsletter now for updates. Tip 2: If you have air-conditioning try leaving some rambutan out in a bowl for a couple of days. It’s even cheaper out in the countryside. Just as it does the fruit inside is at its juiciest and sweetest! It's all completely free, and a great way to travel along with me and stay up to date. It’s soft, juicy and quite sticky if you don’t wash it from you fingers. 4), Your email address will not be published. In addition, a continuous search of areas that are suitable for the long-term production of rambutan was recommended. Technical Consultant and member of the project team, Dr. Edralina Serrano, chooses rambutan as one of the underutilized fruits in producing wine products due to the fruit’s one-week shelf life. Although rambutan is categorized as an underutilized fruit, it is considered as one of the promising commercial crops. Rambutan: The Versatile Fruit. The underutilized fruit is native to Malaysia and it was introduced to many tropical countries including the Philippines during prehistoric times. Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree growing to a height of 12–20 m.The leaves are alternate, 10–30 cm long, pinnate, with 3-11 leaflets, each leaflet 5–15 cm wide and 3-10 cm broad, with an entire margin. Harvesting In Malaya, the rambutan generally fruits twice a year, the first, main crop in June and a lesser one in December. {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"","openAnimation":"rubberBand","exitAnimation":"fadeOut","timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}, How to Start a Pineapple Production Business, Organic Fertilizers from Farm Waste Adopted by…, Agusan reforestation planted 1,297 hectares of…, Technology Resource Center (TRC) Training Schedule…, Technology Resource Center Training Schedule November 2012. The project specifically aims to (1) test the efficacy and cost effectiveness of a winery system to produce quality tropical fruit wine products on a commercial scale, (2) produce on semi-commercial scale, quality wine products from indigenous, underutilized fruit species namely lipote, abiu, bignay, doromon, Indian mango and rambutan using optimized protocols on wine production and (3) promote cooperative enterprise development and marketing through capability building activities. I bought two kilos for under $0.60. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Please take that into account. Anyone? In order to maintain the quality and freshness, rambutan fruits must be transported to local markets within three days of picking. Tip: If you do go to a market and buy rambutan, make sure to keep it tied up in a plastic bag, and / or in the bathroom basin. In order to maintain the quality and freshness, rambutan fruits must be transported to local markets within three days of picking. As an agriculturist, Mr Goyena was able to breed rambutan (R-5 cultivar) through natural selection and because of this, he garnered the ‘Pinakamatamis na Rambutan’ award given by the Department of Agriculture in the late 1990s. I love rambutan, and mongusten, and mangos and jackfruit! Outside the Rambutan fruit looks like a golf ball sized red & green porcupine. Leaves are even pinnate with 2-4 pairs of leaflets. Peels and spines are red, soft and long with yellowish pink tips. “To reduce losses as a result of its perishable nature, the fruit has to be converted (product diversification or value-adding) into a form that adds value to rambutan. Maybe the majority of us Filipinos have seen this red hairy fruit . According to the fruit farmers, the tropical fruit is sold for Php 100.00 to Php 120 per kilo. Enjoy the Lychee! Mature Seematjan is reddish pink, egg shaped and weighs 35-48 grams. It’s a really easy fruit to grow, and prices are very low. In a rambutan plantation in Davao, for instance, growers can produce fruits during February and March. The skin of the fruit will be reddish in colour. The edible portion is less than half the whole fruit by weight. ... Pineapple you can find almost everywhere as fruit in the Philippines. For further information please read my copyright statement. Absolutely Delicious ! Rambutan fruits are globose to ovoid, 4-5 centimeters long, yellow or red when ripe and with fleshy spines. I want to document in writing & photography what's happening to me, and this journey as a whole. Lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) As a tasty sweet snack it’s one of the best little fruits you can find on the side of many a road. Rambutan grows well from sea level to medium altitudes in places with a long rainy season. In 2006, the Goyena’s Rambutan Wine was a recipient of a special award for one of the best tasting wines given by the Center for International Trade Exposition and Mission (CITEM) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). The rambutan (/ r æ m ˈ b uː t ən /, taxonomic name: Nephelium lappaceum) is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae.The name also refers to the edible fruit produced by this tree. When I lived in Thailand I had a daily ritual that involved walking to a local market for a kilo of rambutan which I would eat during the morning. Twitter is a good place to see my live updates. I joke not. Next few weeks will tell ;). The rambutan is native to Indonesian archipelago, and other regions of tropical Southeast Asia. Yum, yum. Meaning, you can eat a lot! :). Rambutan fruit has 36% edible portion which contains (per 100 grams) 77.6 grams water, 87 kcal energy, 1.2 grams protein, 0.9 grams fat, 18.6 grams carbohydrates, 1.1 grams dietary fiber, 32 mg calcium, 16 mg phosphorous, 0.4 mg iron, 0.02 mg thiamine, 0.10 mg riboflavin, 0.5 mg niacin and 91 mg ascorbic acid. It depends on the season will be sweeter and prices are around $1 USD per piece in the local markets. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The yield of rambutan may vary from year to year. My email subscription gives you a whole lot more: my photo book, back-story details not published here. Is it the Java apple? -Renny- Yep, a little strrange, but very nice. Your email address will not be published. Indeed, the fruit’s name is derived from the Malay word “rambut” meaning hairy. But in the mouth it stays fresh and is very palatable. Rambutan seeds are effective in reducing body fat and making the skin healthier by eating it raw, mashed or mixed with other foods. Also, rambutan trees like to stay moist. Flowers of Rambutan: The flower of the Rambutan flower will be small in size; the flower will be 2.5 – 5 mm, which has apetalous, discoidal and borne with panicles of 15 cm – 30 cm. 6.http://www.livestrong.com/article/362917-nutritional-content-of-the-rambutan-fruit/, By: Liza Angelica D. Barral, BAR Digest October-December 2012 Issue (Vol. Fruit of Rambutan: The fruit will be round in shape, it contains a single oval seed, and the fruit will be 3 cm – 6 cm in length and 3 cm – 4 cm in broad. The one’s photographed here are from Davao, where it’s argued the best rambutan comes from in The Philippines.

rambutan season in philippines

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