Then, begin carefully sanding the old finish with 60-grit sandpaper. As we’ve mentioned, refinishing stairs requires a lot of detailed, manual work. There was an error submitting your subscription. I found it easiest to wrap the sandpaper and around and sort of rub side to side. Frugal Hound was the only one in favor as she liked digging her claws into the carpeting. I will be using your design too. My only mistake was not using Benjamin Moore paint like I usually do. Plus, when dogs try to grip their paws on the treads, they can scratch the hardwood. Start by placing drop cloths over the furniture and nearby structures to protect them from sanding dust, paint, and varnish. Painting the risers, trim and spindles, and perhaps the foyer walls and ceilings, too. Did you prime the wood before you painted? Painting the spindles was, well, excruciating since they’re circular. How to refinish a staircase for under 50 frugalwoods how to gel stain ugly oak banisters update stairs with gel stain so simple artsy s rule how to refinish wood floors without sanding refinishing hardwood oak banister makeover gel stain with no stripping you refinishing hardwood stairs before after stair … Hardwood flooring adds value to a home. While any existing finish must be removed, the shape of the stairs must not be changed, so be sure to sand gently and evenly. Would you recommend paint remover? But, well worth the time to properly fill every. A wood color that gets boring after a while. This is also a good maintenance step to have done every few years in order to prolong the time in between sanding and refinishing. If so what level of grit(s)? We had a great many holes to fill. Since typically the staircase is part of the front entryway,  a gleaming staircase will welcome your guests. So happy with my results. Go Ira! We sanded by hand because we don’t own a sander. We did four coats in order to even out the wood color from underneath the carpet runner (it was lighter) and blend in the 1.5 million staple holes we’d filled with wood filler. A wood color that gets boring after a while. See here for our disclosures around credit cards. In hindsight we probably shouldn’t have sanded the treads as much as we did… they turned out a little slick! We are here to take your calls Monday – Friday   7:30am – 6:00pm Saturday                9:00am – 5:00pm, Copyright 2019 Monk's Home Improvements of New Jersey, Refinishing Hardwood Stairs – Before & After Stair Remodel Ideas, Scratches go past the coat of poly and penetrate into the wood, You want to change the color (stain) of your stairs. There are many options, but we recommend a style that will complement the rest of your home’s style and decor. When your staircase has faded or shows signs of use, they should be refinished. Most importantly, sanding removes the top layers of poly/paint/shellac so that your finish or paint will adhere. That'd be rude! Hardwood floors can be slippery, especially going down hardwood stairs in stocking feet. Apply the polyurethane. The before - light stairs before making stain darker on wood These are the stairs from the main floor to the basement of our house. The Great Homemade Seltzer Discovery of 2015, Reader Case Study: Furloughed Behavioral Therapists Wait Out The Pandemic. Poly, as it is affectionately know, is pretty stinky and messy. We weren’t OCD about making it look perfect since it was going to be painted anyway. There are a shockingly large number of fiddly pieces of molding on most staircases. Please try again. How to refinish your staircase? At this time, you will also want to change into work clothes and put on a rubber gloves so none of these chemicals can ruin your clothes, or get on your skin. Ways to remove staples: with a small nail puller, by punching them into the wood with a nail punch, or by levering a flathead screwdriver underneath them.

refinish wood stairs without sanding

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