First time Silver pheasant breeding questions. Silver pheasants are polygynous which means that during the breeding season one male mates with several females. Standing tall and straight, the male struts around the female in semicircles, feathers fluffed and wattle inflated. Male Silvers have a reputation of being aggressive toward their hens and keepers. Sort by reaction score ... as I had been incubating the silvers and it was getting later in the season I think, and I thought I'd see what she would do with those... She acted like she would be a good setter, aggressive of her nest etc. They are also common in ancient Chinese art and poetry. It is best to provide them as much natural surroundings as possible. As most of Phasianidae, Silver Pheasant nests on the ground. Common-pheasant breeding is based on dominance. These birds were referred to as White Phoenix. She sat for a little while, then quit and ate the eggs. The breeding behavior of the Ring-necked Pheasant in the wild has been studied and observed in part by many authors. For range breeding, each bird needs about 2 m2 of ground space. These birds breed from late February until May and during this time males perform courtship displays to attract females. In our range, we are found as 15 subspecies and are most widespread. We are also sometimes called White phoenix. Females lay 6-9 eggs and chicks usually hatch during the wet season. The male is polygamous, and this species often breeds in small groups. We can be seen in various poetry and art of China. Individual pen matings are uneconomic and inefficient in a commercial pheasant meat operation, but they can be used in a breeding program to test the performance of certain strains of birds. In order to make comfortable surroundings, you can put straw in the nest. The cock’s fl uttering wings can be heard for an incredible distance. Pheasants (Phasianus torquatus), particularly cocks, through the breeding season in order to ascertain and interpret the various behavior patterns and apply this knowledge toward a better understanding of the total reproductive effort of this species. Female Silver pheasants are brown with shorter tails, and some subspecies have whitish underparts strongly patterned with black. The Silver pheasant is known for his incredible show during breeding season. Silver pheasants often breed in small groups and nest on the ground. During the breeding season, males attract females using their beautiful wings; flapping them up and down along with vibrations and whirring noises. Breeding season may vary according to the range. The chicks hatch during the wet season. The breeding season can vary based on the range. Both sexes have a bare red face and red legs (the latter separating it from the greyish-legged Kalij Pheasant). Under range conditions, many pheasants can be mated at minimal cost. The eggs will usually hatch after incubation days about 25 – 26 days. Range conditions. The dominant male will attract a harem of several females, then woo them with a complex courtship ritual of movement and sound. The clutch contains 6-9 eggs, sometimes up to 12, probably laid by more than one female. The hens can lay up to around 20 eggs in one season which are incubated for about 25 to 26 days. Silver Pheasant Breeding.

silver pheasant breeding season

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