Use lemon as: 1. This tea will show visible results after 15 days; Continue drinking this tea for 2 months for best results; Benefits of using Skin Whitening Tea: Rose helps to reduce the hyperpigmented skin and protects the skin from sunlight. Lemon has skin lightening properties. It is one of the best natural skin lightening juices. Directly rub lemon wedges on your face if your skin is tanned, doing it everyday will lighten your skin … Option 1: Drink … Is also gives the rosy and pinkish glow to your skin. A must have ingredient in your kitchen, Lemon is a sought after ingredient in beauty treatments. Drinks For Skin Whitening. You should include these skin whitening foods and drinks into your daily diet plan: 1. Facial skin is very sensitive and delicate, so it needs to be whitened from the inside out. It is often under rated though. Rose has properties to tighten the large pores of the skin.

skin whitening drink in 8 days

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