Netting covers the entire area and galvanised sheets primed with an electric fence on the border prevents them from escaping. The company’s findings through its long working experience, through the last 20 years that follows the market trends and from the several studies that the experts of Touchstone have studied, evidenced that the snail industry is a much larger industry than the figures indicated in these studies. More specifically, Italias have consumed 37.000 tons of snails meat during 2010 compared to 4.700 tons consumed during the 70’s and 80’s. In Greece according to the Presidential Act 67/81 (FEK 43/A/ 1981) collecting snails from nature is permitted only from March until June. The 29.5% of the world commercialized production is fresh products, the 47% frozen products and the 23.5% is canned products. The 15% (67,500 tons) of this amount are snails that have been collected from snail breeding units. The largest consumer markets are in Europe, mainly in France, Italy and Spain. After mating, the adult snail will lay eggs in the ground. The 425,000 tons of snails were consumed as follows: Canned snails – about 90,000 tons (21.28%). The helix aspersa is a popular snail to farm in Europe. b. It also eases the harvesting of snails as they are easily picked when lifting the individual boards. All Rights Reserved. “The breeding rooms required 4/6 hours each day of my time for 4 months as the room had to be cleaned daily. Michael Lynch, who farms near Swinford,... Clonagh Herds has scooped national titles at nearly all agricultural shows across the country, and they have just set the bar even higher. France is the first country in snails consumption in the broad culinary use of the product and its commercialization by making imports. Between 25,000 and 30,000 breeding snails are required to populate a one-acre site. Editor and general manager of That's Farming. These include the use of outdoor pens, inside of controlled climate buildings, inside of plastic tunnel houses or greenhouses, as well as a combination approach involving the use of a controlled environment for breeding and hatching, with snails then being moved to outdoor pens to mature. The enterprise, situated in Ballymoe, Co Galway, now consists of... That\'s Farming Irelands Largest Farming News, Properties and Classifieds Network, NI beef trade: Prices up more than €150/head on last year, VIDEO: 33-acre residential farm sells for €670,000, Testing silage and meal feeding cattle over winter, VIDEO: 230-cow herd calving all-year-round on 4-robot farm, PHOTOS: How fish can keep your cattle drinkers and troughs clean and healthy, Mayo farmer claims suckler cow had two calves nearly a fortnight apart, Clonagh and Jennalyn Simmentals: Meet the Behans who sold a bull for €52,000, Galway dairy farmers aiming to achieve 500kgs of milk solids from 500kg cows. The last batch of snails is restricted to an area of the outdoor unit in order to encourage breeding. “I intend to try clover as well as it has the added benefit of being a food source for the snails” added Stephen. The snails are purged, netted and exported to the continent for processing. The outdoor snail unit is divided into open pens that contain triangle-shaped wooden structures. In France, in 2010 there was a lack of 90,000 tons of snails due to their high consumption. Specifically, in France more than 80% of domestic consumption is covered by imports, in Italy about the 65% whereas in Spain the 55%. We set below some relevant points from reliable studies evidencing that the international snail demand and the snail market are constantly increasing. The system of production, that is typically pioneered on the internet or literature, is heavily influenced by practices in central Europe. The Irish climate is ideal for snail farming where they thrive in damp, wet weather and will cleverly retreat into their shell during extreme heat or cold. Also according to recent research the high viability of the Cretans and their low rates of cancer, are associated with their frequent consumption of snails (other than olive oil). On a recent visit to Stephen’s farm, he discussed how he no longer uses the breeding room or polytunnel but now carries out the lifecycle of the snail entirely outside in the snail unit. Source: Snail Farming Economic Analysis Unit and Sales Piraeus Bank. The 67,500 tons came from snails that have been collected from snail breeding units. Those of economic value, only very few species are suitable for profitable farming. I certainly don’t miss the smell that greeted me when opening the doors of the room each morning,” said Gerard. Source: Feasibility Study for snail breeding units 2013 – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Source: The industry of heliciculture Italy 2011 – Embassy of Greece, Rome, Economic and Commercial Affairs Office. In 2014, the total worldwide market consumption of snails was estimated around 450.000 tons and has reached 12 billion dollars. He believes that the indoor production system practised in central Europe is mainly attributable to the more severe winter’s common in these countries as well as the availability of cheap labour. The total consumption of snails in 2014 was estimated around 450.000 tons. 2. In 2010, the Italian consumers spent more than €125 million for purchases related to the total snail industry, spending about 6.5% more when compared with the previous year. Source: H snail farming in Greece 2012 – Ministry of Rural Development and Food Directorate General of Animal Production. From this amount it is estimated that only 13-15% comes from snail breeding units and the rest from nature. All three countries are heavily in deficit. Snail farming? Stephen can plan harvesting at times separate to when lambing or calving is in full swing. Based on the above information, it is expected that need for snails will not be covered even in the next 10 years. The remaining 382,500 tons (of all traded goods) are snails that have been collected from nature in poor countries, where this activity found a great resonance. Snail farming is not a new concept. Previous years Stephen sowed mustard before now using Fontan rapeseed. Make sure that you have the proper permits for the snail farm. The snail, being a hermaphrodite (has male and female reproductive organs), means that each snail can produce 100/150 eggs. There are different local and federal regulations regarding snail … The Kilkenny-based farm... A Mayo farmer has claimed that one of his suckler cows has had two calves nearly two weeks apart. Snail farming is a niche farming concept which has evolved here in recent years. Other markets is that in Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland and due to the increased penetration of the Italian and French cuisine in countries like the US, Japan, China and Germany, there is a growing demand in these countries too. Cluainview Farm is a low-input, grass-based sustainable cow/calf operation using regenerative planned grazing management with an emphasis on animal husbandry and stockmanship.

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