Wide Selection of Teak Furniture Indoor Outdoor Living Bedroom Dining Room Set Bed Bookcase Dining Table Chair Sofa Display Cabinet TV Console Writing Table Etc 217 Kallang Bahru #04-01 ATF Singapore … Many companies stress the age of their teak and use this factor in justifying price. Teak is also naturally oily, which means it repels water and helps prevent termites and decay. After all, in the design industry, teak wood is renowned for its incredible durability. Order some ready made solid wood teak dining room and sofa set and pre order additional bed frame for our bedroom. Furniture made from teak wood is a good buy for Singapore’s humid climate. Not only does it look great, but it’s water-resistant (thanks to the closed-pore structure of the wood) and incredibly durable. From logs to sawn timber to flooring to decking and finger join product, we are able to produce the teak you want it to be from our factory in Yangon. Look no further! At Mountain Teak, fine craftsmanship is our priority, we make quality teak wood furniture. With experience since 2001 in the Burma Teak Wood production, we supply the Original Burma Teak from our factory to all over the world. As expat, we just move to Singapore. Teak wood bed frames can last your many long years. Welcome to Nature Wood. Visit and shop with us today. Chance upon Teak- Furniture-Singapore.com. Highly recommended. If you had to choose a furniture that will not just serve you, but your children, and even grandchildren, then teak wood is your best bet. Wihardja is the other leading furniture store in Singapore that offers beautifully designed, quality teak wood furniture. Most of our teak wood furniture in our gallery is made from 100% solid wood, and carefully finished by skilled craftsmen.We aim to give you the best value for money in Singapore. Give us your enquiry. Collectif Designs is a solid wood slabs and furniture wholesale supplier and manufacturer specialising in custom made Suar wood furniture, Teak wood furniture, Sono wood (Rosewood) furniture, Mahogany wood furniture, Lychee wood furniture, Mango wood furniture, Tamarind wood furniture, Rain tree furniture, recycled Ironwood furniture at the most affordable price in Singapore. Great stuff. Our popular Teak wood furniture in Singapore includes Teak wood dining table, Teak wood bench, Teak wood TV console, Teak wood shelves and cabinet, Teak wood chair and Teak wood bed. We offer a solid range of teak … Each Teak wood furniture piece is customisable and hand-crafted from the beginning to the end to suit your needs, unlike mass-manufactured furniture product. All reclaimed teak is old, when you consider the trees growing life, then its second life as part of a construction, your reclaimed teak will always be around 80 to 120 years old.

teak wood singapore

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