I added dried cranberries and doubled the cinnamon. These are simple crowd-pleasers. Banana breakfast muffins are made with ripe bananas, eggs and chopped pecans. Filling and versatile, muffins make for an easy fix when you're pinched for time. I don't even want to try different bran muffins. Topato. You'll notice that Recipe Box is now called SAVES and your recipes are organized in COLLECTIONS. The flavor is fantastic, and they are a breeze to prepare. The recipe couldn't have been easier. ", "I love this recipe. ", "The tops are the best part of these muffins. I doubled the cream cheese to make more filling for each muffin. The recipe was very simple, well-written and quick to make. ", "All that needs to be said about this recipe is YUM! They are full of good-for-you stuff, and are a great go-to for breakfast on the run. It is a very good recipe overall! They aren't dry, and they keep until the next day without crumbling. They turned out amazing. ", "We ended up with 18 muffins, and they were gone in no time. What have we always said is the most important thing? There are limitless types of muffins; as many as people can imagine a different combination of ingredients. Pumpkin muffins and carrot muffins are popular types of sweet muffins. ", "These are gorgeous and smelled heavenly when they were baking. The molasses adds just a touch of sweetness. They have an amazing soft, spongy and moist texture, and make for a fantastic breakfast over several days. Before baking, I topped mine with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. I prepared as directed, and they turned out great. ", "What a find! Breakfast muffins can have a variety of flavors, include peanut butter, banana and lemon. ", "These muffins are so good. "These are awesome muffins! The yolks are solid so it makes it convenient to carry with you to work. Perfection! ", "I loved them. ", "Oh-h-h so good! ", "What wonderfully rich, savory muffins. I made a double batch and everyone really enjoyed them. ", "These were easy to throw together, and they taste yummy. Im Vereinigten Königreich versteht man unter der Bezeichnung ein flaches Hefegebäck, das wie ein Toast verzehrt wird. They were moist and rose up nicely. ", “The rhubarb flavor is subtle and doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. There are no results for your search. Brunch muffins combine sugar, flour and peanut butter. ", "These were very tasty and moist. These apple-cinnamon muffins pack a huge apple flavor thanks to apple cider and chopped apples, with a fabulous cinnamon-sugar crunch on top. Some delicious muffin flavors feature fresh fruit, while other kinds have decadent chocolate chips. Cinnamon and brown sugar set up a cozy background for the flavors of shredded coconut, carrots, apples, raisins and walnuts. The whole-wheat flour gives them a good texture, and the orange zest really adds to the flavor. Breakfast muffins can have a variety of flavors, include peanut butter, banana and lemon. I made them bakery style by sprinkling sugar on top. The Type of Muffin you are According to your Zodiac Sign. Just for the heck of it, I added some low-fat cream cheese to the center. The whole family enjoyed them! Stumped for dinner? ", "I can never decide if I want a banana or chocolate chip muffin, and these combine both perfectly. I added a few mini chocolate chips and substituted coffee for some of the milk. The smells drove me crazy while baking. Not only do they look very nice when finished, but they have such a great consistency. They would not be pleased with just one type of muffin, so it's best to prepare several different kinds.... Types of Basil . It's a staple in our household. Miniature pans allow bakers to make mini muffins or cupcakes. The muffins that made this list span a wide variety of flavors and textures, so breakfast never needs to be boring again! The depth of the coffee flavor is amazing without being overpowering. ", "Boy, did the house smell good when I made these! The streusel was delicious and the muffins were soft. The yogurt mellowed out the lemon, but the lemon drizzle made up for it. These will be made again and again. These are amazing little guys. Muffins that use sweet ingredients that are less natural might not be as healthful, but they still are very popular. Breakfast. But every type of muffin tastes best fresh from the oven. Carrot muffins are sometimes known as morning glory muffins and are similar to carrot cake. ", "These muffins are wonderful. I modified it to make it even healthier, and the muffins always come out light and delicious. The texture is mildly sweet and cakelike. ", "This is a fabulous recipe. Each of these may be made in a variety of ways that avoid sugar, but these types of muffins are not truly sugar free. They have a good orange taste and are a bit sweet, but not too sweet. Just delicious! Muffin [ˈmafɪn] ist die Bezeichnung für zwei verschiedene Gebäckarten.Die US-amerikanischen Muffins sind kleine runde Kuchen, die meistens mit Backpulver hergestellt und in speziellen Backformen gebacken werden. They had a delicious spiced flavor, and we loved the cinnamon-sugar topping.

types of muffins

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