VP of Engineering Job Description Template. I imagine the role of VP of Engineering would vary dramatically for startups vs. non-startups. The VP Engineering is traditionally responsible for managing the annual bottom-up budget for the engineering department, which is often the biggest … We are looking for an experienced VP of Engineering to manage a diverse development team. Usually managing managers of managers. VP Engineering. These are engineering terms each company uses. How meta! In a startup*: * The company is engineering. Ah, the VP level. Final Thoughts. The VP of Engineering is the person to turn to for an internal understanding of current technical efforts, past technical challenges, and where the engineering team is headed next. Best is to ask the folks you work with, but at a high level they refer to product development milestones. For a company to be su What does a VP of Engineering do, again? So now that we know what they do, what does your VP of Engineering want you to know? Who is asking? Whereas, a CTO is usually the technical face of the company where he/she gets involved in a lot of customer-facing activities and collaborates with other functional leadership and the board. The role of a VP Engineering is mainly an internal one wherein he/she works with engineers and peers alike within the company to develop and execute company strategy. In our level definition, VPs are strategic. The size of the organization that a VP looks after very much depends upon the company that they work for. The primary difference almost certainly revolves around the notion of 'product'. VPs of Engineering have to make decisions fast. We’ll look at two ways that a VP Engineering role manifests below. The responsibilities of a VP of Engineering include leading a team of developers and engineers, collaborating with product managers, and improving company policies and standards. Build a mule aka hack a MVP ... MRD - … This question shows up over and over. Individuals searching for Director of Engineering vs. VP of Engineering found the following information relevant and useful. “You mean he’s like an engineer-whisperer?” Sorta. The average salary for a Vice President (VP), Engineering is $170,460. Visit PayScale to research vice president (vp), engineering salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more.

what does vp engineering stand for

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