You also want to be comfortable for sleeping. Nick Jonas is actually a Type II, which mean that his hair curls a bit more, almost forming coils. Although it might look simple once it is finished, only a skilled barber can be able to give you a good angular flat top cut. Warning: the following photographs may just inspire you to rock your very own 'fro! A spunky top hair lets you show some attitude and confidence in your looks. Popcorn twists are pretty easy to make on your hair provided you know how to go about it. In this style, the sides are shaved closely while a neat and well-combed hair is left to form what looks like a Mohawk. # 10 Short Twists with Short Sides and Back, # 59 Short Combed, Side Parted, and Side Designs, 60 Impressive Black Curly Hairstyles for Men – Find Your Own, 80 Fabulous Pompadour Haircut For Men – Beautiful Ideas, 60 Cool Ideas for Black Boy Haircuts – For Cute and Fancy Gentlemen, 65 Sharp Line Up Hairstyles – Precision Styling At Its Best, 80 Extra Chic Sponge Curls Ideas for Men – Easy and Funky, 80 Beautiful Taper Fade Haircut Styles For Men – Find Your Lifestyle, Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker? Black men with a long wavy or curly hair should flaunt it with pride because it does look not only good but is also easy to style. If you do not like the faux hawk inspired style or if your hair is not curly then you can wear this style. To finish the look, the locks are then pulled frontwards and tied together with a band. Now, we want you to feel the same way about your haircut. To make this style look perfect on you make sure to keep the hair as natural as possible and shave the sides and back. # 17 Nappy With Some Color. Look for mini-scrunchies or clips. However, you should do so creatively and avoid dazzling colors as they do not look good on locks. This faux hawk inspired haircut is ideal for young black men who are not afraid to experiment with their locks. The clean, close cut is one of the most popular haircuts for men especially those that like to wear formal and more professional looks. Wonder locks are simple fully grown dreadlock (beyond the shoulder length). However, even with the many haircuts available around it’s not always easy to choose a style especially if you are used to wearing simple long or short hairstyles. Silk pillowcases can be purchased at some beauty supply stores, home goods stores, or online. The short, clipped hair is enhanced using precise angles on the hairline and the facial hairs. The best way to achieve this is by closely shaving your head and leaving a neat beard on your face. Leaving the hair unkempt can still make a good style. She completed her Cosmetology education at John Amico School of Hair Design in 2016. The long locks are left in the top section while the rest of the head is closely shaved. We asked celebrity barber John Cotton (the man behind Empire’s Jussie Smollett’s grow out) for tips on how to grow an afro, and take it from Donald Glover in Community to Donald Glover in Atlanta. Brown and light brown are the most popular colors with black men but if you are not sure what to use you can consult with your hair stylist or barber for some advice. The key to sleeping with your afro is keeping your hair moisturized and avoiding friction with your pillowcase. It involves a curly hair that is shaved like a faux hawk then given a design on the sides. Dreads can also be worn for a formal look if styled correctly like in this hairstyle and then paired with a nice suit. This article was co-authored by Ashley Adams. Tapering your short afro can breathe some much-needed life into a dull looking strands.

what to do with my afro male

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