Susan Boyle then and now photos are one thing about her that most people would want to know. I’m a performer and an ordinary person, which is nice.”, Susan initially found the intense media interest difficult to manage. I get nervous before a performance, I mean everybody does, but you don’t telegraph that to your audience, you embrace it.”, Singing with her idol, Elaine Paige.Source:Supplied. Before her now-famous Britain’s Got Talent appearance, Susan Boyle even recorded a professional demo with three tracks and entered several other … She was thrust to instant worldwide fame, an unlikely superstar — but the fairytale soon became a nightmare for fragile Susan Boyle. With most of her weight shade off, she can now appear cute in any dress. She says: “My mother would be proud of me, you know, and my dad especially. How the world first saw her: Susan auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, 2009. He’s been very good to me, I’ve always wanted to meet up with him and say thank you. When she shot to fame, Susan was initially blissfully unaware of the global phenomenon she had become, largely down to the then fast-growing video-sharing platform YouTube. Miss Boyle poses for a photo with one of the American Got Talent finalist Darci Lynne. What strategy has she used? While there were serious lows as various understandable meltdowns forced Susan to reduce her workload, it has been inspiring to see the way the 57-year-old has opened up about her mental illness, including a diagnosis of Asperger’s in 2013. But when Susan Boyle bumbled on the Britain’s Got Talent stage in Glasgow to sing I Dreamed A Dream for an initially sceptical Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan ten years ago, no one could have predicted what was about to transpire, The Sun reports. A decade on, however, Susan’s time has come again, as she prepares to release a major new album to mark her ten years in the business. Her jaw-dropping dress, well-styled hair and delicate makeup were the envy of many. Picture: HO/AFP/GettySource:News Limited, “But I’m coping inside a lot better now and I’m ready — more than ready — for what’s coming.”. “When I went down to London it became overwhelming. The Britain’s Got Talent 2009 runner-up, 50-year-old Susan’s audition has now been viewed over 80 million times on YouTube. One obvious regret is that her parents never got to see her success. How has she managed to shed off some weight? 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I ask Susan if she recalls that conversation. If you take a look at some of Susan Boyle images at the moment, she is different from the woman you saw ten or so years ago. I think emotionally I’ve grown up with it.”, Back to where it all began: SuBo at the America's Got Talent: The Champions finale in October 2018. “I’m still in my parents’ house, my niece has got the plush house. Susan had no solution to her weight problem at that time, and so she will always turn to food to comfort herself. Susan says: “It can be difficult to talk about mental health issues, as there is a kind of fear about that. Her former look that was a laughing stock to the judges and the audience ten years ago is no more. In a world exclusive comeback interview, she reveals: “I’m managing things a lot better now. Life is undoubtedly full of endless possibilities as she says on the status of this particular photo. “I do remember him doing that, yeah. “It’s good to be in your mum’s house as well, there’s a lot of nice memories in my mum’s. “My life has changed in that I’ve got a lot of people around me, I’ve got a nicer house and stuff like that but those are material things. Career. The beauty of SuBo, the reason she connected with so many millions, is her total normality and lack of desire to change. The pressure came off me.”. Everyone thought she would be … Simon Cowell recently admitted to me that he has never forgotten the horror of SuBo losing to dance troupe Diversity, which resulted in her entering the Priory rehab centre. Can dozens of new Republican congresswomen change the face of the GOP? It occurred to her that she was to take her weight issues seriously or else suffer dire consequences.

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