I'm just curious what happened to it. it mite not have been your fault because when a baby bird is sick or diffrent from the other birds in the nest the mum kicks them out it was probably sick but if you do find another bird you have to feed it better things like fruit juice and you have to by parrot mix it works with everybird. Yet keep returning to the nest after they are already dead? i found a bird just like you did and i toke care of it but it died. Things like shock usually kill them. Can anyone tell me why a bird would let her 3 baby birds left to die? 1 decade ago. Many birds die before their time as a result of mistakes made by their owners, either unintentionally or through ignorance. do birds die of shock? Water. Do they just sort of shove it out of the nest or something? Well it's not only birds, many animals also resort to this kind of activity. My dog just attacked a bird, I yelled at him and he dropped it. thelaughingparrot. How can you help the baby birds if you don't know anything about breeding? Why do some baby birds die inside the eggs before they are big enough to hatch. They are paired for life. You feeding routine was ok as the parent birds don't feed them at night. 10 Answers. Usually if one partner dies, the other dies too due to heartbreak. And sometimes the mother even eats its own kids. What do the parents do with it? I had 4 baby birds by my window and one died shortly after hatching. Learn about the top ten reasons birds die, and just perhaps, this information may save some birds' lives. 1. Answer Save. Favourite answer. Deprivation of water can also have fatal results. It's very difficult to know what the actual cause is. Relevance. This nest was in one of my hanging plants. Is exact a seed bird baby food as really you should have just given it wet do or cat food. There are various reasons such as poisoning, death because of sudden fright., etc. You have nothing to feel guilty for most wild baby birds don't survive being reared by humans. I picked the little guy up and he was still alive, chirping as I brought him to the trees. You tried and that is all you can do. This generally happens (widely) in two cases 1. It is said that once love birds are paired. But that is one reason. PS- the other 3 are doing great and one learned to fly today :]

why do baby birds die

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