In the end, the IGFA staff concluded it would be both in the best interest of the IGFA and that of Kurita if he submitted to a polygraph analysis. Established in 1979, and JGFA compiles and translates all record applications of fish caught in Japan before forwarding to the IGFA. The All-Tackle record for largemouth bass is the most sought after game fish record in the world. Until Kurita’s tie the seven heaviest bass records behind Perry’s came from California lakes,” Schratwieser said. “Little did people know that introduced bass grew big in places besides California, and that there are true monsters swimming on the other side of the world in Japan.” The IGFA reserves the right to employ polygraph analyses to any record application, and this is explicitly stated in the affidavit section of the world record application form. {/literal}{include file="blk:outdoorsblog_header"}{literal}. More recently, IGFA coordinated a polygraph examination of the angler regarding the circumstances of his catch. During this time, the IGFA was also besieged with letters and emails from the bass fishing community, said Schratwieser. Oh well. Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments. He immediately agreed. The IGFA has been recognized as the official keeper of world saltwater fishing records since its founding in 1939. It didn’t end there. Many experts speculate that a record largemouth will be worth more than $1 million in endorsements and appearance fees to the angler fortunate enough to catch it. Annually it publishes a comprehensive list of current records of fresh and saltwater fish across the globe in its World Record Game Fishes book which is divided into all-tackle, line classes, fly, and junior record categories. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Daily Limit: Felix’s fall run leads to ROY. Still others wanted to know why the entire process was taking so long. The Japan bass is a world record. In establishing the new record, IGFA representatives worked closely with their sister organization, the Japanese Game Fish Association, to examine Kurita's application and investigate allegations that the fish was caught in an off-limits area. Establishing it as a record that may be a big fish but its not 22 pounds cause you can tell she is holding the fish ot to make it ook bigger, {/literal}{include file="blk:outdoorsblog_bottom"}{literal} (It was not.) IGFA's regulations require that a record fish weighing less than 25 pounds be surpassed by two ounces or more. Using certified scales, his fish weighed in at 10.12 kg or 22 pounds, 4 ounces. Kurita’s name is now on the IGFA Web site with that of Perry’s and will appear in the 2011 edition of the World Record Games Fishes book…. unless that record is broken this year. In response, the IGFA immediately corresponded with the JGFA to speak with the angler about this issue and to gather information regarding the legality of fishing where Kurita caught his bass. Official word came back that the location of the catch was not a no-fishing zone, but was an area where anchoring or stopping was prohibited. Schratwieser said the closest came in 1991, when Robert Crupi caught a 22-pound bass in Lake Dixon, Calif. that still reigns as the 16-pound line class record and the third heaviest approved bass record in IGFA history. Schratwieser said, “The moment Kurita weighed his fish, word spread like wildfire. "We simply wanted to do our due diligence. Though native only to the eastern United States, it has been transplanted to every state except Alaska as well as to parts of Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), was caught from Lake Biwa which is an ancient reservoir northeast of Kyoto. George Perry’s 77-year-old record was officially tied. Others beseeched the IGFA to approve the record and give Kurita the credit he deserves. {/literal}{include file="blk:outdoorsblog_rail"}{literal}. In North America the largemouth bass, and especially the All-Tackle record, is considered by millions of anglers as the “holy grail” of freshwater fish because of its popularity and the longevity of Perry’s record.

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